Privacy Policy

At visitors can rest assured knowing that their private information is in good hands. All private information we collect is stored in the most secure manner possible. Under no circumstances will any collected data be transferred or sold to third parties. In rare cases where we may decide to use user data in some way we will get a visitor’s consent beforehand. We can guarantee that we will do our utmost to protect a visitor’s privacy.

It’s important for visitors to understand that while privacy may be one of our main priorities we cannot vouch for any of the third party links we feature. The onus is on the visitor to investigate a third party site’s privacy policy and determine whether or not it’s appropriate. takes no responsibility for the policies or content featured on these third party sites.

We do use cookies but only for analytics purposes. The cookies are used to track site traffic and give us an understanding of what works and what doesn’t. In no way do these cookies collect any personally identifiable information.

All the information we collect is stored securely using the most up-to-date and sophisticated encryption technology. We’ve also taken extra measures to ensure there aren’t any security breaches by employing firewall technology which protects our servers.