The Best Mobile Casinos

mobile-casinosMore and more mobile casinos are being released, often as extensions of company’s online casinos. With mobile casinos on the rise, and all of them offering sign up bonuses and regular promotions, choosing the right mobile casino can seem like a daunting task. There are too many good options. But forget about the research, we’ve done it all for you! We’ve made it easy and chosen the top 5 mobile casinos on the market right now, based on games, bonuses, jackpots and customer service. Choose any one of these casinos, and you won’t regret it!

200x150xroyal-vegas-casino-logo200x150xroyal-vegas-casino-logoRoyal Vegas is part of the Fortune Lounge Group of Online Casinos, one of the longest-running and trusted casino groups on the Internet. The casino is licensed by the Maltese Gaming Commission, and holds the eCOGRA seal of approval. Royal Vegas Mobile Casino has games to suit the tastes of all players, from black jack, to slots, to roulette. Try one of their hottest games right now such as Tomb Raider, or Mermaids Millions. Receive a $1,200 match bonus over your first three deposits, and enjoy lucky draws with great prizes!
200x150xeuropalace-casino-logo200x150xeuropalace-casino-logoEuro Palace mobile casino is licensed by the Lotteries and Gaming Authority in Malta and has received the eCOGRA seal of approval, your gaming safety is guaranteed! Euro Palace mobile offers the ultimate gaming experience to its players with a wide array of games including craps, baccarat, video poker, roulette and blackjack. Play now and receive a 100% match bonus on your first deposit up to $1013.
eurogrand-casino-logoeurogrand-casino-logoEuroGrand Mobile is compatible with a wide range of mobile devices. The casino operates completely safely and securely under a license handed out by the Gaming Commissioner of Gibraltar. The casino is also listed on the London Stock Exchange. You can enjoy EuroGrand mobile games on either your IOS or Android device. The mobile casino offers a wide variety of games that is growing constantly. They include slots, black jack, scratch cards, video roulette, and poker. EuroGrand has a lavish bonus program. Benefit from a $1000 high roller welcome bonus or 25% off of up to $250 first deposit bonus.
200x150xjackpotcity-casino-logo200x150xjackpotcity-casino-logoJackpot City is one of the top brands in the world when it comes to online gaming. Players can now enjoy the JackpotCity gaming experience on the portable screen of their mobile device. The casino is a popular choice for online gamblers today with a great history behind it of reliability, player satisfaction and a great suite of games. The casino is registered and licensed with the government of Malta, and is listed on the London Stock Exchange. The mobile casino has a slightly limited selection of mobile games to choose from at the time, offering about 20 games in total for use on smart phones, and a slightly slimmer selection on IOS powered devices such as the iPhone. There is a variety of slots games, as well as the majority of classic table games you’d expect at any casino available. Jackpot city offers a generous welcome bonus of a 150% match bonus on the initial deposit.
888-casino-logo888-casino-logo888 Casino is dedicated to providing fun for players while maintaining a safe environment. It operates under a license awarded by the government of Gibraltar, and is one of the founding members of eCOGRA. The casino’s wide array of mobile games plays out on state of the art software that features impeccable graphics. 888 Casino offers a welcome bonus of 100% up to a maximum of $160 with a total of $1291 in free cash available across a series of deposit bonuses. Unfortunately, 888 Casino is currently only available for players with mobile devices that are powered by the Android operating system.

Gaming has never been more exciting or easy than with mobile casinos. Today there is a huge selection of safe, secure, and fun casinos to choose from. You’ll never be bored waiting at the bus stop or in a long line again!

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Everything you need to know about Slots and Pokies!

The Very Best Places To Play Pokies

These are the very best casinos online to get you on the pokies whether you’re down under or not. Each of the following is absolutely world class.

Royal Vegas

Royal VegasThis online casino looks like the type of place that you wouldn’t be allowed into if you were some random bogie with a bit of extra cash to blow. Luckily for bogies and non alike, the internet doesn’t discriminate. With a fantastic AUD$1200 welcome bonus, the people running the Royal Vegas are also too generous for their own good.


Spin Palace

Spin PalaceI you want to play the poker machines, then there are few places on the internet better than the Spin Palace. Entirely centered around the pokies, this online casino knows its audience and caters to it with 100% dedication. They will throw in $1000 Australian dollars too, just to make sure you’re happy.


Grand Reef Casino

Grand Reef CasinoYou get $250 for signing up with Grand Reef Casino, but guess what? This is the only place any self respecting aussie would play at. Grand Reef Casino is 100% Australian. You might think they’re some cheapos with their AUD$250 bonus, but you would be wrong. That’s $250 free on your first deposit. You also get $500 free on subsequent deposits and top of the line pokies by software titan Playtech.


What are Pokies?

You know them as Poker Machines, the Brits call them Fruit Machines and the Americans call them Slot Machines. Back in the day they were known as one armed bandits because of the iconic lever on their side and the fact that they basically would take your money. It doesn’t matter what they are called. The idea is the same. You put in your credits, pull the lever or press the button and three to five wheels start spinning. If they line up just right when they stop you win your money. Simplicity itself and virtually unchanged since their invention 150 years ago in California by some crazy American.

Modern Pokies are a far cry from the One Armed Bandits of days gone by. They are sophisticated computerized systems with fancy graphics and sounds, a story to tell, and as good as any videogame you’re likely to play. They are also programmed to pay out cash at an advertised rate, so you know exactly what you’re getting when you put your credits in. Some modern Pokies are known to pay out more than they take in. This happens only in certain online casinos (see above) and you need to know where to look.

How do they work?

The original Poker Machine invented by Charles Fey consisted of three reels with five symbols a piece. These roughly corresponded to poker hands. In fact the original Poker Machine was invented because there was a need to automatically pay out on poker hand wins. Because there are so many different combinations to make a winning hand in poker, it was thought to be impossible (they were wrong) so Fey simplified things and made it so three matches in a row would yield a payout.

What this led to was a very interesting and complex mathematical model of probabilities. Increase the size of the reels to include more symbols and the odds get worse. Increase the number of wheels and the odds get worse still. But the math behind the system is incredibly fascinating. The worsening odds effect wasn’t lost on the owners of the original mechanical machines. The Slots, as they were called, were losing popularity.

With the advent of computerization, a much more fine tuned system of odds could be put into place, and multiple win lines could be combined with multiple reels in order to make the game more balanced and more exciting. This led to a veritable Poker Machine renaissance and by the 1990s, the game was changed forever into what you know today.

How to play

The actual playing of the Pokies is rather self explanatory. If you need me to explain how to insert cash and press a button you should close your browser and go to sleep because there is no hope for you. There are, however ways of playing that can influence whether or not you win.

When you play a Poker Machine, you get presented with the option of inserting some cash or tons of cash. The number one rule of the Pokies is MAX OUT YOUR BET. Play the maximum bet each and every single time. Your lizard brain is reeling right now and your risk aversion is kicking in, but trust me when I say this is the correct way to play. Payouts are calculated on the basis of your wager amount. The more you bet, the bigger the payout in an exponential curve. In fact, the only—the one and only—way to win the jackpot is to play a maximum bet.

When you play at a top casino, there are types of machines that operate on what is known as a Progressive Jackpot. This means that the online casino is connected to other casinos in a network and every dollar and cent anyone in any casino puts into a machine ends up into one gigantic mega pool of money. That pool of cash is your jackpot, just waiting to be won. The amounts are staggering, often ranging in the millions of dollars. When I say it behooves you to max out your bets I know what I’m talking about.

Top tips for playing

  1. Have a budget. You need to know how much you can afford to lose if you’re going to form a proper winning strategy. It’s no use playing odds that require $1000 to effectively work if you only have $100 to play with.
  2. Check the payout percentage of the machine you’re playing at. This is the key to winning. If you can find a machine that pays out more than it takes in you’re golden. If not, go for a machine that pays out at a 99% rate. These are common and will keep you in play for a while.
  3. Play max bets. You can’t win the jackpot without the max bets.
  4. Don’t play based on superstition. Payouts are never “due”. The best you can do is play the advertised odds. Online casinos run on extremely reliable Random Number Generators, which are checked for fairness on a regular basis. Check the advertised payout rates and play to win.
  5. Don’t be a victim. Choose machines that offer bonus rounds, and multipliers. This will ensure that you always win enough to keep you in play for as long as possible before a solid payout comes your way. It’s always just a matter of time.
  6. Don’t go over your limit. If you’re out of cash call it a day. Never exceed your daily budget. This can put a quick end to your online gambling days.
  7. Use proper risk management. This is more common sense than anything else. Always weigh the risk versus the reward. You might want to switch to small bets if you find you’re running out of cash fast. You won’t win as much, but you will stay in play longer and the small wins might add up over time so that you can go back to the big bets after a while.
  8. Ignore anyone who tells you there is a foolproof system for winning. The Pokies are so obscure no one has ever been able to find a pattern.
  9. Never play just once. You might think that if you’re meant to win you will win with one pull. Wrong. You will just throw some cash away this way. You need to play for the small payouts and this requires playing at least more than once.
  10. Play for fun.
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Taxes and online gambling

Taxes and online gamblingOne of the biggest misconceptions when it comes to online gambling involves tax. For many this remains a grey line. Are any winnings incurred from gambling online taxable and if so what percentage?  It’s essential that players who take their online gambling seriously invest the time required to make sure they aren’t breaking any laws.

Not paying taxes on winnings which are taxable can incur a hefty fine. The thing that many online gamblers fail to realize is that just because the activity at an online is confined to the internet does not mean one is exempt from any taxes. Quite the opposite, in fact.

Of course, like with all taxes the amount of tax one has to pay varies according to the how big one’s winnings are as well as the country one is based in. Players should keep that in mind and should be sure to check the specific laws that pertain to their country of residence before gambling online.

According to the IRS official website, the laws regarding online gambling have been altered to include a wide variety of online gambling. The definition, according to the IRS, now includes any winnings a player may get from lotteries, raffles, horse races as well as from any activity at an online casino.

Players should note that the definition, according to the IRS, of winnings has also been extended and is used to refer to things such as cash winnings, cars, vacations and any other prizes.

What is particularly interesting about the IRS’ tax law regarding online gambling is that while one does have to note and pay tax on any such activity one is also eligible to deduct any loses. This is provided that a player can produce and information such as receipts or statements which prove that the player made a loss.

Most casinos, both on and offline, do document all of a player’s transaction history. Thus, in order to apply for these tax deductions all a player needs to do is print out his/her deposit and withdrawal history.

Another important thing that players need to keep in mind is that if a player’s losses exceed the player’s winnings, the player will not be eligible for any tax adjustments. Both winnings and losses will be clearly documented in any transaction history a player might hand over to the IRS. It is therefore not wise for a player to lie about either his/her winnings or losses.

Most online gamblers are under the impression that if one’s winnings are small amount, say $200; one will be exempt from having to pay any taxes. This is not the case. There is always the chance one could be audited. One would then need to explain where the extra money has come from.  Keeping such information from the IRS is not recommended and could see a player ending up in some very hot water.

The smartest thing a player can do so as not to run into problems with law makers is to keep accurate and up to date records of one’s gambling transactions. This should be as comprehensive as possible and should include information such as the player’s wins and losses.

While technically all winnings should be reported, regardless of the size, not all of these winnings interest the IRS. What the IRS is really interested in are any winnings which are over $600 from lotteries or things like horse racing or dog racing. They are also interested in winnings of $1,200 or more on slot machines or bingo games.  Any winnings of $1,500 or more on games like keno should also immediately be reported.

Of course, the above are just guidelines. As a general rule of thumb, a player should be sure to report any winners of a significant sum regardless of the game.  Most online casinos which are legitimate and well-organized will automatically provide a player with the specific forms they need in order to pay the taxes on big winnings.

Interestingly enough, any winnings that a player gets from table games such as blackjack, craps, pai gow, baccarat as well as roulette do not require that a player completes a special tax form known as a W2-G form. Players will still, however, be required to pay taxes on these winnings.

As mentioned, tax laws on online gambling vary from country to country. It is therefore essential that a player be mindful of that and checks the specific laws of his/her country of residence. In the EU, one is not required to pay tax on any online winnings provided that the online casino where one is playing is regulated by a casino operator in the EU.

In such a case, one’s winnings regardless of size will be tax free. It is therefore advisable that a player in the EU make sure that their online casino of choice is regulated in the EU.

In Australia, taxation of gambling works differently to how it does in both the US and the EU. This is largely due to the fact that in Australia, any winnings accrued as a result of gambling online are seen to be the result of luck and are not, as such, considered income.

Gambling is also not considered to be a profession in Australia. It’s rather seen to be something people do for fun or as pastime. This is because statistically more people lose when they gamble than win. And even when players do win a significant amount, it’s still less than the total amount lost online due to online gambling.

Another significant reason for the lack of player tax on casino winnings has to do with the fact that casinos and online gambling is already taxed. It therefore is argued that it makes no sense to then tax players on their winnings. The lack of any tax on gambling winning accounts for how active Australian gamblers are. On average, most Australians spend about seven thousand dollars a year on gambling.

It is important that online gamblers know the tax laws and how they will affect their winnings before they decide to play. Failing to pay any required taxes can not only end up being very costly but can make online gambling a waste of time.

With a little bit of investigating and an understanding of the law, online players will soon be gambling away quite happily.  All it takes is some practice and anyone can understand taxes and online gambling.

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Online Casinos that accept PayPal


Unfortunately, most online casinos do not accept PayPal and even those who do have very strict country limitations (despite what you might read on other websites). We have actually done the research for you 😉

In a nutshell, PayPal is more readily available if you are a European player. Australian and Canadian players are more limited by choice but can still use PayPal at the fantastic Spin Palace Casino.

Below is a list of three of the top online casinos which do allow players from certain countries to use PayPal to make deposits and withdrawals:

1. 888 Casino

888-casino-logoPlayers in the UK, Canada, Germany, Spain, Ireland, Portugal, Finland, Denmark, Austria and Sweden who choose to play at 888 Casino will have the option to pay via PayPal. Established in 1997, this is one of the most well-established online casinos. It boasts an impressive 25 million members. The casino is EU regulated and is one of the first online casinos to be registered on the London Stock Exchange. You simply won’t find a better online casino than 888 and if you deposit with PayPal, you get an extra bonus of $//£ 30!!!


2. Spin Palace Casino

spin-logoSpin Palace offers deposits and withdrawals via PayPal in all countries. This is one of the leading Microsoft powered online casinos which offers an amazing selection of quality games (over 500 Slots!), exciting bonuses as well as HUGE progressive jackpots. The customer support is top notch and is available in 20 languages. It’s an EU regulated casino, fully licensed by the Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta, so you can rest assured that payouts will be fast and easy!

3. Royal Vegas Casino

If you live in the UK or Ireland, then 200x150xroyal-vegas-casino-logoRoyal Vegas Casino is another top casino which offers the opportunity to deposit and withdraw funds via PayPal. This online casino is the crown jewel of the famous Microgaming Software and boasts over 400 different Slots! It’s a highly reputable casino and is verified by eCOGRA and licensed in Malta (EU) so you can be sure that your PayPal deposits are safe. Royal Vegas offers some of the best casino games to be found online, including a selection of live dealer games.

General information about PayPal and online casinos

There are many different payment methods offered at online casinos. It’s important that players have a good understanding of the options available to them before signing up and depositing.

That’s the best way to ensure that a player’s online gambling experience is safe and reliable. One of the most popularly offered and perhaps the safest online payment options available to players at online casinos is PayPal.

It’s important, however, for players to note that not all casinos accept this payment method. Players who want the best possible online gambling experience should investigate casinos that accept PayPal before playing. This will ensure that a player knows what s/he is getting into before committing to anything

PayPal is not just a payment method for online casinos. It’s one of the most commonly offered payment methods across the internet. Using PayPal, one has the option to purchase products online. One can also send money to other people using this payment method. To do so, all one needs is either an email address or phone number.

The useful thing about PayPal is that is gives players to option to receive payments to the value of up to $100 without there being any additional service charges. To transfer money to others or make payments involves only small charges.  Since the 1990s, PayPal has established itself as the first choice of many online gamblers.

Using PayPal is simple. Once a player signs up for a PayPal account s/he will need to link his/her account to the PayPal account. This could be a bank account, debit card or even a credit card. There is even an option to deposit money into a PayPal using another secure money transfer system known as MoneyPak.

With MoneyPak a player would purchase a MoneyPak card at one of the many retails that sells them. This money can then be securely transferred into the player’s PayPal account. One of the most advantageous things about using MoneyPak is that a player doesn’t need to supply any personal banking information online.

All transactions are done through the MoneyPak card. But players who choose to link their bank account, debit card or credit card to their PayPal account can rest assured that their personal information is also safe.

It’s important that players note that with PayPal there are minimum and maximum deposit amounts. The minimum one can deposit in a single deposit is $50. While the maximum deposit is limited to $5000 per deposit. The limit on monthly deposits is $10,000.  What makes PayPal particularly user friendly is that is supports over 23 major world currencies.

These include US Dollar, Euro, Pound Sterling, Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Danish Krone, Norwegian Kroner, Swedish Kroner, New Zealand Dollar, Japanese Yen, Polish Zioty, Hong Kong Dollar, Swiss Franc, Singapore Dollar, Czech Koruna, Hungarian Forint, Mexican Peso as well as the Israeli Shekel among others.

If a player has a PayPal account which hasn’t been verified, the player won’t be allowed to withdraw more than $500 per month. Players who wish to increase this withdrawal limit need to verify their identity. Players also have several options when it comes to withdrawing money. The withdrawn funds can either be transferred into the player’s bank account or the player may request a cheque.

Players need to, however, keep in mind that there’s a fee of $1.50 for US users who request to be paid via cheque. US customers generally receive their cheque in about 14 days. Those outside the US who request to be paid by cheque can expect to be paid within 6 weeks.

There are different types of PayPal accounts available. A player can choose between a private, non-commercial account and a premier account. A private account is more restrictive and limits the services a player can access on PayPal.

For example, with these accounts a player cannot accept payments made via credit card. One is also limited in terms of the number of transactions one can make as well as the size of these transactions.  Premium account holders are not subject to such restrictions.

PayPal is very simple to integrate with all online casino accounts. A player would need to sign up at the online casino and generally also would need to download the casino’s software. Once the player goes to the casino cashier or checks out, the player simply needs to select PayPal as a payment option. Of course, in order for this to work a player first needs to have set up a PayPal account.

It’s essential that a player keeps in mind that not all online casinos support PayPal. It varies from website to website and players need to pay careful attention to the online casino website they’re thinking of playing at.

The advantages of PayPal as a payment system  

PayPal is one of the most reputable and well-established online payment methods. Players who choose to pay using PayPal can rest assured that their money is in good hands. The platform and payment process is designed to ensure that none of a player’s personal information gets compromised.

PayPal is not only free to sign up for but it has some of the lowest transaction fees of all online payment methods. This is a quick and very efficient payment method. It ensures that players don’t need to waste time or energy worrying about revealing their credit card information. PayPal gives players worry and hassle free online gambling experience.

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Understanding online casino loyalty rewards programs

Understanding online casino loyalty rewards programsOne of the most effective ways online casinos attract new players is through their loyalty rewards programs. While these are tempting, it’s important that players consider them carefully. Bonuses and loyalty rewards programs are a very instrumental part of any online casino’s marketing strategy and it’s easy for a player to get caught out.

Having said that, players who have a good understanding of how different bonuses work can do their best to avoid those which will end up costing players more than they’ll earn them. Understanding online casino loyalty rewards programs is crucial for players who plan on taking their online gambling seriously.

It’s important that players who are new to the world of online gambling understand the ins outs of various online casino loyalty rewards programs. In its simplest sense, an online casino loyalty rewards program is a casino’s way of not only ensuring players continue to play but also of thanking them for playing.

This explains why these rewards programs are referred to as loyalty rewards programs. They are the way a casino rewards players who regularly gamble at the casino.

Generally, online casino loyalty rewards programs are free for players to sign up for. As long as a player is registered with the online casino, s/he will be eligible for the loyalty rewards program. Unlike bonuses which come with wagering requirements, loyalty rewards programs often prove to be very rewarding.

Players who find themselves at a casino which doesn’t offer a loyalty rewards program should consider looking for another casino. These programs aren’t something a player wants to miss out on. Especially if one is a regular player. In this case, these loyalty rewards programs can prove to be very beneficial to a player.

In online casinos which offer a loyalty rewards program, a player will generally automatically become a member of the program once the player opens an account and deposits money. As a member of any online casino loyalty rewards program, one would be awarded points when the player bets on different games. These points are known as comp points.

As a player continues to bet at the casino so the player’s comp points will add up. Once the player has collected a certain number of comp points, the player will then have the option to exchange these comp points for cash.

Unlike bonuses and other promotions offered by the online casino, a player doesn’t need to fulfill any wagering requirements in order to exchange them for cash.  With this cash, a player can choose to use it to continue playing. Players also have the option to cash out.

Most online casino loyalty rewards programs aren’t simply limited to comp points. Most loyalty programs offer players the chance to have fun competing for a higher rank in the tiered rewards program. With such a loyalty program, the more points a player collects the higher up the rewards ladder a player moves.

The higher up the rewards ladder the player gets the more rewards the player will receive. These rewards include but are not limited to more comp points, deposit bonuses, reload bonuses as well as special promotions.

What makes these rewards special is that they’ll only be on offer to members of the loyalty rewards program. And the best thing about these special rewards is that players don’t have to do anything other than bet to be eligible for them.

Most online casinos will automatically sign a player up for the loyalty rewards program upon signing up. In the rare case that this doesn’t happen, a player should immediately request to be added to the program. This is the best and easiest way to get the most out of every bet that one makes.

Most online casino loyalty rewards programs will give a player access to a host of different promotions. These include cash-back bonuses. These give a player the option to exchange the comp points (otherwise referred to as loyalty points) for casino chips.

There are also monthly bonuses. These are offered on a monthly basis and in many ways are similar to new player bonuses. With these bonuses, the casino will match the player’s initial deposit. Initially, online casinos used to offer these bonuses to new players only. Many have since changed their strategy having realized how effective they are as a retention tool.

Other offers which are often part of most online casino’s loyalty rewards programs include specials. These are simply aimed at tempting old players who seem to have lost interest and to get them to play again. These include things like the chance to win a free car or even an all-expenses paid holiday.

Players who are members of an online casino’s loyalty rewards program also have tournaments to look forward to. These are only offered to loyalty rewards program members. With these exclusive tournaments, players will have the chance to compete in games like slots, roulette or even blackjack. The prizes on offer as part of these tournaments are often life-changing.

There are also auction points which many online casinos offer as part of their loyalty rewards programs. These are a fun and exciting take on the usual comp points. With auction points, a player can use his/her auction points as part of a bid for things like cars, iPods as well as for holidays.

If you’re a high roller you’ll soon find yourself a member of the casino’s exclusive VIP club. This is the way most online casinos reward their very active loyalty rewards program members. Being part of a VIP club is a whole new ball game. As a member, a player will receive an account manager to help advise him/her on the best gambling strategy.

As a member of a VIP club, a player gets extra special treatment. VIP club members are VIP members and they’re treated as such. Whatever a VIP member wants, they tend to get.

Online casino loyalty rewards programs are a must for any player who is serious about online gambling.  They’re especially rewarding if you’re a frequent player. As the more a player gambles, the more points the player will be awarded. Rewards programs are certainly worth looking into.

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Understanding volatility in keno

Understanding volatility in kenoIf you’re looking to master a game like keno it’s essential you have a good understanding of all the relevant keno terminology. While this may seem like an overwhelming task, when you know where to begin and what to focus on it becomes very doable. A good place for anyone new to keno to start is by understanding volatility in keno.

One of the biggest misconceptions when it comes to the term volatility is that most people mistakenly assume it refers only to slots. The truth, and what players who are new to keno need to understand, is that volatility can be used for other games as well. Volatility is a particularly important term when it comes to online keno.

The term volatility is used to refer to two things. Firstly, games which are described as having volatility can have a very high payout. However this does not occur frequently. Secondly, games with volatility could offer more frequent payouts or even no payout. Games with volatility either have a high volatility or a low volatility.  Essentially, volatility is a way of describing how payouts fluctuate.

It’s essential that players have a good understanding of volatility in keno as this will help a player make better and more well-informed decisions. As mentioned, games either have a high volatility or a low volatility.

Games with a high volatility are the most risky. These are games in which a player either wins a large sum or the player loses an equally large sum. With such games, it’s rare to find a player who wins or loosely a moderate amount.

Games with a low volatility are for those who aren’t such risk takers. These games payout smaller amounts than high volatility but they tend to do so much more frequently. The appeal of these games lies not only in the steady payouts but also in the fact that a player doesn’t have to bet too much to take part.

Just like with slots, with keno the casino determines the volatility by referring to the payout table. In the case of keno the payout table is derived from the slots which the player marks on the keno card.  It’s therefore important for players to keep in mind that the payout table varies according to the number of numbers or slots chosen by the player.

It is for this reason that when comparing the volatility of two keno games it’s important that the payout tables are for the same number of slots. That’s the only way to fairly compare the volatility of two keno games. Generally payout tables consisting of 15 slots are compared as most casinos allow players to choose a maximum of 15 numbers.

As an example, let’s say we’re comparing a high volatility and a low volatility game. The high volatility games offer much greater payouts. This is often the appeal of these games. It’s not uncommon to find a high volatility game paying out 25,000 for getting 12 out of the 15 keno numbers; for getting 13 out of the 15 keno numbers a player could expect to get 50,000 and for getting 14 out of the 15 keno numbers players can expect a payout as high as 100,000.

For a keno game with low volatility, one could expect to get 600 for getting 12 out of the 15 keno numbers; 1,200 for getting 13 out of 15 keno number and only 2,500 for players who get 14 out of 14 keno numbers. While the payouts of high volatility keno games are far more appealing it’s important for players to keep in mind that is it rare to get 12 or more matching keno numbers.

It is for this reason that many players find low volatility games a safer bet and would prefer not to take the risk that is required of them when playing high volatility games.

The bottom line, high volatility refers to games which payout potentially life changing sums but do so infrequently. Low volatility games, on the other hand, payout smaller amounts but do so much more frequently.

Players who are looking to play keno for fun probably want to stick with low volatility games.  Players who love the adrenaline rush and the thrill of taking risks are more suited for high volatility games.

Volatility is something most players tend to overlook. Few players realize just how crucial volatility can be to the outcome of their game. When deciding whether high volatility or low volatility games suit a player best, it’s important to keep a significant different in mind.

While high volatility games tend to offer a higher payout, it’s important that players understand that with such games the minimum payout requirement rends to be higher.

This means that with a high volatility game, a player would often have to get 5 out of the 15 keno numbers to qualify for even a small payout. Generally with low volatility games, a player would need to get a few numbers to qualify for a minimum payout. Most casinos would only require 3 out of the 15 numbers for a payout with low volatility games.

Having an understanding of how volatility can affect one’s keno game and likelihood of winning is essential for all players regardless of how experienced they may be. Once one understands how volatility works it’s very simple to pick out which games are high volatility and which are low volatility.

Choosing volatility depends largely on one’s bankroll as well as one’s playing style. The more of a risk taking adrenaline junkie one is, the more one would be suited to high volatility. Low volatility games, on the other hand, are suited for beginners and those who are just looking to have a good time. The important thing players need to keep in mind is that choosing volatility is a personal thing.

It’s essential that players keep in mind that there is no right or wrong volatility.  The best a player can do is try a high volatility and low volatility game. That’s the best way a player can get a sense of the most suitable games for him/her.

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Using speed as a gambling strategy

Using speed as a gambling strategyAll gamblers whether they’re still wet behind the ears or are well seasoned veterans look for gambling strategies that are going to help them strike it lucky.

This is largely because gambling is a risk based and very unpredictable.

It’s always good to do whatever possible to ensure one has the best chances of winning. And at the very least, following a sound strategy will give a player the peace of mind to gamble with confidence.

Where many players go wrong is in choosing the strategy.  Betting systems, for example, are more likely to lose a player tons more money than the player initially set out to lose than to increase a player’s chances of winning. But that certainly doesn’t stop players. These strategies are a waste of time and of do more harm than good.

Players who are looking for an effective strategy that will give the player more control over his/her game often overlook how crucial something like playing speed is. Using speed as a gambling strategy is probably one of the least well known but most effective gambling strategies out there. And few players know it.

A casino’s aim is get as much money out of a player as possible while still providing a player with reasonable enough odds to keep him/her playing.  It is for this reason that casinos do their level best to ensure all their games are fast paced. This not only gets players adrenaline pumping but it increases the house edge.

The faster one plays the more one spends in a shorter space of time. This generally minimizes a player’s bankroll forcing the player to deposit more money than s/he would have to if the game was played at a slower pace.

The ability to control the speed at which one plays is the ability to control how one’s bankroll will be used. This is one the most crucial factors when it comes to effective bankroll management and thus remains one of the most sensible casino strategies out there.

Most players who are looking to be clever about gambling strategy focus on the house edge of different games. They will compare them and generally will stick with games that have the lowest house edge. But this is flawed thinking. It’s flawed to think that just because the house edge of a game is low it’s the most advantageous for a player to play that game.

Instead of focusing on house edge, it’s important that players consider things such as the number of spins a player is able to make in a specified period of time. Other essential factors to consider include how many bets or decisions the player is able to make per hour.

Ideally, a player wants to choose games where the player makes as few bets, decisions or spins per hour. These are the games where the player has the best chance of winning due to the slow pace of the game.

Casinos, both online and real world, are aware of how powerful the speed at which games are played is. It’s for this reason that casino do their best to ensure games are played at the fasted pace possible. For example, some casinos will give specific instructions to their dealers to deal cards as speedily as possible. Online casinos have taken this to the next level.

To ensure all games happen at ultra-fast pace, most online casinos rely on specially developed software. Real world casinos, on the other hand, rely on automatic continuous shuffling machines. These machines greatly speed up card based games and ensure that a dealer is able to deal 20% more hands, on average, per hour.

A good example of where casinos take advantage of playing speed using it to gain the upper hand is with slot machines. These are programmed to operate at the speed of light. But it’s not just the speed at which the machines operate. All modern machines give player the option to insert a bill instead of individual coins. What this means is that without noticing a player can quickly go through tons of bills.

Understanding the role of playing speed is one thing. But actually controlling it is another altogether. It’s not always a simple task and more often than not players will get carried away by the energetic environment of the casino. Below are some tips which may help.


While most players will think it’s impossible to control the speed of a blackjack game, there are still measures a player can take. For example, it’s best for a player to choose tables with less people. With busy tables comes more pressure and things tend to move far more quickly than at a quieter table.

Another crucial factor is the shuffling speed. Avoid tables where there are shuffling machines. These makes it easier for the dealer to deal many more hands than s/he ordinarily would be able to. Players should look for tables where the cards are manually dealt. This will slow things down enough for a player to effectively manage his/her bankroll.


When it comes to a game like mini-baccarat, the best thing a player can do to slow the playing speed is to always bet on the bank after it wins. While this may sound like an usual approach it is actually a powerful strategy and will have the effect of dramatically decreasing the number of bets a player can make per hour. In actual fact this can decrease the number of bets per hour by half.


Slots are perhaps one of the trickier games when it comes to controlling one’s playing speed. The best thing one can do, and this applies only to land based casinos, is to use the slot handle instead of the spin button. Players should also make a habit of feeding individual coins one by one instead of relying on a bill acceptor.

In doing this a player is forced to take stock of just how much s/he is depositing. Also, while depositing individual coins may be less convenient it has the effect of making the player aware of how much s/he has spent.

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Understanding video slot paylines

Understanding video slot paylinesWhile slot machines may see like the one of the simplest games you can come across in  a casino they are not to be underestimated. There is certain fundamental terminology without an understanding of which a player could end up forfeiting the game.

Many players who are new to slots are often initially fooled by the seemingly deceptive simplicity of the game. While it is correct that to play slots one doesn’t need to have grasped as much strategy as for a game like blackjack, that doesn’t mean one can just show up and hope for the best.

The best possible strategy for a game like slots is being prepared and making sure the fundamentals of the game have been covered.

For those players who are new to this and who are starting to feel slightly overwhelmed – don’t. A great place for new comers to start is by understanding video slot paylines. Paylines are a concept that is both easy to understand and crucial to the inner workings of the game.

But before getting into more detail we need to start at the very beginning. It’s important to have a comprehensive understanding of what a payline is. For those players who don’t know, a payline is the term which is used to refer to a combination of positions made up of the different slot machine symbols. A payline refers to positions on the slot machine reels.

Players have the option to bet on several paylines. When the reels have stopped spinning the sequence and combination of the paylines is compared with the combinations to be found in the payout table. If there are any matching combinations the player wins and will be paid out according to the payout ratio.

There are a couple of things a player need to take into account about paylines. Firstly, it’s only the combinations of symbols in paylines the player has bet on that are considered. These are known as active paylines. Secondly, the combination which makes up the payline is considered from left to right.

Another important distinction new players need to take into account is the difference between regular reel slots and video slots. It’s easy to confuse the two types of slots. While all slots are technically video slots due to the presence of a video screen, the term is actually reserved for a unique type of slot machine.

Video slots generally give a player the chance to bet on more paylines than reel slots would. Most video slots have a minimum of 9 paylines while reel slots rarely even have 9 paylines. What this means is that there is an increased chance that winning combinations will appear. This does not, however, necessarily increase a player’s chances of winning.

Another significant difference between reel slots and video slots that players should take note of, relates to limitations on the amount that a player can bet. Players will find that they are given the option to bet more per spin than they would when playing on a reel slot.

For example, most video slots accept bets of a maximum of 5 coins for every spin. While this may not seem important what is means is that on a video slot which has 9 paylines, the player would have the option to bet a total of 45 coins.

Since it is not uncommon to find a video slot which boasts 1024 paylines it’s easy as a new player to get caught out. It is essential that for the duration of their play that players keep in mind that there is no real link between paylines and the number of payouts a player is likely to get.

This confuses many players. After all, if an increase in the number of paylines don’t increase a player’s chances of winning what is the point of a video slot with over a thousand slots. It seems that the only reason multiple paylines were introduced was to spice up video slots. Multiple paylines have also enabled some of the most innovative online casino providers to create slots which are unique and full of excitement.

It is worthwhile keeping in mind that paylines vary from one casino provider to another. Microgaming, one of the most cutting edge online casino software providers, for example continues to offer new and exciting video slots with impressive paylines. As an example, in 2008 this one of a kind software provider released a video slot called Cashapillar. At the time, this was one of the only video slots to offer an incredible and unheard of 100 paylines.

In 2009, Microgaming dazzled its players by offering a video slot called Burning Desire. This was something that took the online gambling industry by storm. Many see this particular slot as the one that revolutionized video slots. What was unique about this particular slot is that it had a never heard of before 243 paylines. This changed the concept of paylines forever making it largely irrelevant as with so many paylines, players had 243 different ways to win.

But Microgaming isn’t the only online casino software provider trying to have an impact on video slots. Cryptologic, a very reputable online casino software provider, has also been playing around with paylines. It recently released a game called Striker Fortune. This had an impressive 99 paylines.

The paylines work in a very unique way in this game. The paylines are to be found in adjacent reels which need to be aligned on the same horizontal. There is also the option to form paylines from matching combinations which are a diagonal space away.

Paylines add much to a players’ video slot experience. Players who think they’ve seen and done it all when it comes to slots, need to give one of the crazy 243 payline slots a try. This will be a slot experience unlike anything else the player has ever experienced.

And the best thing about paylines is that most of the cutting edge software providers are aware of the potential and have started using them to create some of the most fun games around.

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Baccarat bankroll strategy

Baccarat bankroll strategyFor most casino games which are random and have unpredictable outcomes there is no real need for a strategy.

These games are more about luck than a well thought out strategic approach to the game.

That doesn’t stop hopeful gamblers, however, who are always looking for the perfect quick fix way to strike it lucky be it with a strategy or a betting system.

While none of these approaches is likely to increase a player’s chances of winning, that doesn’t mean a player’s approach to the game needs to be completely random. It’s important that players have a good understanding of baccarat bankroll strategy. While this may not necessarily guarantee a player a win, it will give a player more control over his/her game.

When it comes to baccarat bankroll strategy, players need to have decided before they start playing how they’re going to use their bankroll. This will enable the player to stay in the game for as long as possible as it ensures that a player is using his/her bankroll as effectively as possible.

Players who manage their bankroll effectively need to decide how much they’re going to bet on each bet as well as what type of bets they’re going to place money on. While this may sound simplistic it can help a player put his bankroll to the best use possible.

It’s often easier to decide what types of bets to bet on. This is because, a bet on the banker winning is seen as one of the strongest bets a player can make. Statistically, betting on the banker has the highest payout. It is therefore recommended that players always bet on the banker winning regardless of how monotonous this may seem.

Deciding on how much to bet on each bet is far trickier and varies from player to player. This isn’t as simple as deciding on a maximum wager and sticking to it. Players need to keep in mind how much money they would need for the entirety of the session as well as how much for each individual bet. While doing such calculations may seem to take the thrills and spontaneity out of gambling it paves the way for responsible gambling.

Players need to consider how many bets it’s possible to make in a specified period of time. Some, although not all, online casinos will provide players with useful statistical information which will enable them to determine how best to use his/her bankroll.

This will include things such as the number of hands played, the session time as well as the hands played per hour. This information is very useful and can help a player calculate how many hands s/he can expect to play in a specified time period.

If the online casino a player is playing at does not provide this information a player can play a few rounds of free baccarat. After assessing these rounds a player will get a good sense of how s/he plays as well as how many hands s/he generally plays in a certain period of time.

Some online casinos may not even give players the option to play for free. In such a case, a player could play a few paid rounds and then once again spend time analysing their betting patterns.

The important thing that players need to keep in mind is that no two players bet or play alike. This means that no two players will play the same number of hands in the same period of time. It is because all players play at different speeds that it’s important that a player evaluates his/her own individual baccarat playing speed.

Once a player is determined how many hands s/he is likely to play in a specified period of time it’s easier to calculate how s/he should spend the available bankroll. Players are then able to divide the bankroll by the number of hands expected to play in one session. In doing this a player will get a good sense of how much s/he can afford to wager on each bet.

Players should not bet more than the estimated wager amount. The player should continue to bet this amount until either the session times out or the player uses up all the available bankroll. If the player’s initial calculations were correct the bankroll should last for the entirety of the session.

The importance of consistently betting the same amount is not to be underestimated. There are some variants of online baccarat which give players the option to make use an Auto Play feature. Using this feature all a player has to do is pre-program the machine specifying how much each bet should be. The computer will then automatically play out the game giving the player’s specifications.

This is particularly useful since baccarat is a random game with random outcomes. Thus letting a computer Auto Play a session won’t change the outcome of the game but will free up the player’s time giving him/her the chance to play other games in the background.

Some players will manage their bankroll so as to take advantage of what they believe are winning or losing streaks. This is problematic as due to the nature of a game like baccarat it’s impossible to hit either a winning or losing streak. What players who believe in streaks fail to understand is that in baccarat each hand is independent of the next.

Nonetheless, this doesn’t stop superstitious players who will increase the amount they’re betting when they win and decrease the amount they bet when they lose. The reason for this is that they believe that if they have won they may have hit a winning streak and therefore need to take advantage of it. Adversely, when they lose they believe that they’re on a losing streak and therefore need to be more cautions.

There are many different baccarat bankroll strategies out there. Players need to spend time trying out different strategies to find the most effective way to manage their own bankroll. But players should always keep in mind that bankroll strategies are personal and what works for one player may not work for the next.

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Different types of keno tickets

Different types of keno ticketsKeno is an inexpensive lottery style game which can be played both online and in real world casinos. While it is a simple game without too many complicated rules, there are many different variations. These are largely caused by the different types of keno cards players can choose between.

It’s essential that a player has a good understanding of the different types of keno tickets before playing the game. The different tickets add fun variations to the game but also change how certain elements of the game work.

Players are also likely to find that keno tickets may vary in online keno and land based keno. These differences are minor and it won’t take long for players to adjust to the differences.

Straight tickets

The simplest ticket a player will come across in keno is known as the straight ticket. These tickets list all the keno numbers a player can choose from. With straight tickets, keno numbers are listed only once.

While it is common to find these tickets in both online and land based casinos, generally online casinos will give players the option to bet on more keno numbers. In most online keno matches, players playing with straight tickets will have the option to bet on up to 40 different numbers.

Split tickets

Split tickets are one of the most commonly used tickets in keno. These tickets are very useful as they give players the option to bet on two or more combinations in one round. This is done by marking the selected combinations and then separating the two combinations with a dividing line. However confusion can still arise and it can be difficult to differentiate between the two sets.

Split sets consist of 15 numbers. Numbers cannot appear in more than one set. However, in order to clearly mark two separate split sets and avoid any confusion there are conventions a player will follow. Players will clearly indicate the number of sets they have chosen as well as the number of keno numbers in each set. These numbers are written in the main box on the keno ticket.

As an example, let’s say a player has decided on two separate sets each consisting of 5 different numbers. The player will then write 2/5 in the main box. Players should also note that they need to indicate how much each set costs as well as the total bet s/he is placing.

Combination ticket

The combination ticket is similar to the split ticket in some ways. Just like with the split ticket, players who decide to play a combination ticket will also select different groups or sets of keno numbers. However, unlike a split ticket with a combination ticket a player will also select a group which is equal to the sum of all other selected sets.

As an example, let’s say a player has selected two different sets which each contain 5. The player will then select a group which contains 10 as this is the sum total of the player’s selected sets.

Just like with a split set, the player needs to carefully mark what his/her combination set consists of. In this case, the player would mark 2/5 as well as 1/10. Players should keep in mind that with combination tickets players can mark a maximum of 15 numbers.

Combination tickets are useful for players who want to give themselves as many possible chances of winning. The really handy thing about these tickets is that one has the option to bet on a both a large group of numbers as well as individual numbers. This greatly increases one’s chances of winning.

Way tickets

Way tickets also give a player the chance to bet on a large selection of numbers. These tickets are not recommended for players who are looking to bet on individual numbers. For those looking to bet on single numbers, straight tickets are the best option. With way tickets players are betting on a series of numbers.

With way tickets a player will select a series of numbers each making up different sets. For the purposes of this example, let’s call the sets 1, 2, 3. In this case the player will be betting on 3 different sets each consisting of 10 numbers. The first set will consist of a combination of numbers from 1 and 2. The second group would be made up of numbers from 1 and 3 and the third group would consist of numbers from sets 2 and 3.

Just like the other tickets mentioned above, players need to clearly mark the sets they have chosen so as to avoid any confusion. In this case, a player would do that by writing 3/10.

King tickets

The last type of commonly available ticket is known as the king ticket. With this ticket, a player would start off by selecting one number that becomes known as king. The player would the select a number of numbers to make up different sets. The king would then be added to each set. The king ticket is for players who regard one particular number as being especially lucky.

As an example, let’s say a player starts off by selecting the number 7. The number will then become the king number. The player should then decide on the composition of his/her other sets. Maybe the player will choose 20 and 21 for one set and 70 and 80 for another. The king number, number 7, will then be added to each set. The player will therefore end up with one set consisting of 20, 21 and 7 and the other consisting of 70, 80 and 7.

There are many different types of keno tickets out there. The best a player can do is try them all out to get a sense of which type suits his/her playing style. Players are likely to find that certain ticket types increase a player’s chances of winning while other have no effect on the randomness of the game.

It’s all about trial and error. With enough time and practice, players will find the perfect keno ticket.


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