Everything you need to know about Slots and Pokies!

The Very Best Places To Play Pokies

These are the very best casinos online to get you on the pokies whether you’re down under or not. Each of the following is absolutely world class.

Royal Vegas

Royal VegasThis online casino looks like the type of place that you wouldn’t be allowed into if you were some random bogie with a bit of extra cash to blow. Luckily for bogies and non alike, the internet doesn’t discriminate. With a fantastic AUD$1200 welcome bonus, the people running the Royal Vegas are also too generous for their own good.


Spin Palace

Spin PalaceI you want to play the poker machines, then there are few places on the internet better than the Spin Palace. Entirely centered around the pokies, this online casino knows its audience and caters to it with 100% dedication. They will throw in $1000 Australian dollars too, just to make sure you’re happy.


Grand Reef Casino

Grand Reef CasinoYou get $250 for signing up with Grand Reef Casino, but guess what? This is the only place any self respecting aussie would play at. Grand Reef Casino is 100% Australian. You might think they’re some cheapos with their AUD$250 bonus, but you would be wrong. That’s $250 free on your first deposit. You also get $500 free on subsequent deposits and top of the line pokies by software titan Playtech.


What are Pokies?

You know them as Poker Machines, the Brits call them Fruit Machines and the Americans call them Slot Machines. Back in the day they were known as one armed bandits because of the iconic lever on their side and the fact that they basically would take your money. It doesn’t matter what they are called. The idea is the same. You put in your credits, pull the lever or press the button and three to five wheels start spinning. If they line up just right when they stop you win your money. Simplicity itself and virtually unchanged since their invention 150 years ago in California by some crazy American.

Modern Pokies are a far cry from the One Armed Bandits of days gone by. They are sophisticated computerized systems with fancy graphics and sounds, a story to tell, and as good as any videogame you’re likely to play. They are also programmed to pay out cash at an advertised rate, so you know exactly what you’re getting when you put your credits in. Some modern Pokies are known to pay out more than they take in. This happens only in certain online casinos (see above) and you need to know where to look.

How do they work?

The original Poker Machine invented by Charles Fey consisted of three reels with five symbols a piece. These roughly corresponded to poker hands. In fact the original Poker Machine was invented because there was a need to automatically pay out on poker hand wins. Because there are so many different combinations to make a winning hand in poker, it was thought to be impossible (they were wrong) so Fey simplified things and made it so three matches in a row would yield a payout.

What this led to was a very interesting and complex mathematical model of probabilities. Increase the size of the reels to include more symbols and the odds get worse. Increase the number of wheels and the odds get worse still. But the math behind the system is incredibly fascinating. The worsening odds effect wasn’t lost on the owners of the original mechanical machines. The Slots, as they were called, were losing popularity.

With the advent of computerization, a much more fine tuned system of odds could be put into place, and multiple win lines could be combined with multiple reels in order to make the game more balanced and more exciting. This led to a veritable Poker Machine renaissance and by the 1990s, the game was changed forever into what you know today.

How to play

The actual playing of the Pokies is rather self explanatory. If you need me to explain how to insert cash and press a button you should close your browser and go to sleep because there is no hope for you. There are, however ways of playing that can influence whether or not you win.

When you play a Poker Machine, you get presented with the option of inserting some cash or tons of cash. The number one rule of the Pokies is MAX OUT YOUR BET. Play the maximum bet each and every single time. Your lizard brain is reeling right now and your risk aversion is kicking in, but trust me when I say this is the correct way to play. Payouts are calculated on the basis of your wager amount. The more you bet, the bigger the payout in an exponential curve. In fact, the only—the one and only—way to win the jackpot is to play a maximum bet.

When you play at a top casino, there are types of machines that operate on what is known as a Progressive Jackpot. This means that the online casino is connected to other casinos in a network and every dollar and cent anyone in any casino puts into a machine ends up into one gigantic mega pool of money. That pool of cash is your jackpot, just waiting to be won. The amounts are staggering, often ranging in the millions of dollars. When I say it behooves you to max out your bets I know what I’m talking about.

Top tips for playing

  1. Have a budget. You need to know how much you can afford to lose if you’re going to form a proper winning strategy. It’s no use playing odds that require $1000 to effectively work if you only have $100 to play with.
  2. Check the payout percentage of the machine you’re playing at. This is the key to winning. If you can find a machine that pays out more than it takes in you’re golden. If not, go for a machine that pays out at a 99% rate. These are common and will keep you in play for a while.
  3. Play max bets. You can’t win the jackpot without the max bets.
  4. Don’t play based on superstition. Payouts are never “due”. The best you can do is play the advertised odds. Online casinos run on extremely reliable Random Number Generators, which are checked for fairness on a regular basis. Check the advertised payout rates and play to win.
  5. Don’t be a victim. Choose machines that offer bonus rounds, and multipliers. This will ensure that you always win enough to keep you in play for as long as possible before a solid payout comes your way. It’s always just a matter of time.
  6. Don’t go over your limit. If you’re out of cash call it a day. Never exceed your daily budget. This can put a quick end to your online gambling days.
  7. Use proper risk management. This is more common sense than anything else. Always weigh the risk versus the reward. You might want to switch to small bets if you find you’re running out of cash fast. You won’t win as much, but you will stay in play longer and the small wins might add up over time so that you can go back to the big bets after a while.
  8. Ignore anyone who tells you there is a foolproof system for winning. The Pokies are so obscure no one has ever been able to find a pattern.
  9. Never play just once. You might think that if you’re meant to win you will win with one pull. Wrong. You will just throw some cash away this way. You need to play for the small payouts and this requires playing at least more than once.
  10. Play for fun.
5 / 5 stars     
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