Online Casinos that accept PayPal


Unfortunately, most online casinos do not accept PayPal and even those who do have very strict country limitations (despite what you might read on other websites). We have actually done the research for you 😉

In a nutshell, PayPal is more readily available if you are a European player. Australian and Canadian players are more limited by choice but can still use PayPal at the fantastic Spin Palace Casino.

Below is a list of three of the top online casinos which do allow players from certain countries to use PayPal to make deposits and withdrawals:

1. 888 Casino

888-casino-logoPlayers in the UK, Canada, Germany, Spain, Ireland, Portugal, Finland, Denmark, Austria and Sweden who choose to play at 888 Casino will have the option to pay via PayPal. Established in 1997, this is one of the most well-established online casinos. It boasts an impressive 25 million members. The casino is EU regulated and is one of the first online casinos to be registered on the London Stock Exchange. You simply won’t find a better online casino than 888 and if you deposit with PayPal, you get an extra bonus of $/€/£ 30!!!


2. Spin Palace Casino

spin-logoSpin Palace offers deposits and withdrawals via PayPal in all countries. This is one of the leading Microsoft powered online casinos which offers an amazing selection of quality games (over 500 Slots!), exciting bonuses as well as HUGE progressive jackpots. The customer support is top notch and is available in 20 languages. It’s an EU regulated casino, fully licensed by the Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta, so you can rest assured that payouts will be fast and easy!

3. Royal Vegas Casino

If you live in the UK or Ireland, then 200x150xroyal-vegas-casino-logoRoyal Vegas Casino is another top casino which offers the opportunity to deposit and withdraw funds via PayPal. This online casino is the crown jewel of the famous Microgaming Software and boasts over 400 different Slots! It’s a highly reputable casino and is verified by eCOGRA and licensed in Malta (EU) so you can be sure that your PayPal deposits are safe. Royal Vegas offers some of the best casino games to be found online, including a selection of live dealer games.

General information about PayPal and online casinos

There are many different payment methods offered at online casinos. It’s important that players have a good understanding of the options available to them before signing up and depositing.

That’s the best way to ensure that a player’s online gambling experience is safe and reliable. One of the most popularly offered and perhaps the safest online payment options available to players at online casinos is PayPal.

It’s important, however, for players to note that not all casinos accept this payment method. Players who want the best possible online gambling experience should investigate casinos that accept PayPal before playing. This will ensure that a player knows what s/he is getting into before committing to anything

PayPal is not just a payment method for online casinos. It’s one of the most commonly offered payment methods across the internet. Using PayPal, one has the option to purchase products online. One can also send money to other people using this payment method. To do so, all one needs is either an email address or phone number.

The useful thing about PayPal is that is gives players to option to receive payments to the value of up to $100 without there being any additional service charges. To transfer money to others or make payments involves only small charges.  Since the 1990s, PayPal has established itself as the first choice of many online gamblers.

Using PayPal is simple. Once a player signs up for a PayPal account s/he will need to link his/her account to the PayPal account. This could be a bank account, debit card or even a credit card. There is even an option to deposit money into a PayPal using another secure money transfer system known as MoneyPak.

With MoneyPak a player would purchase a MoneyPak card at one of the many retails that sells them. This money can then be securely transferred into the player’s PayPal account. One of the most advantageous things about using MoneyPak is that a player doesn’t need to supply any personal banking information online.

All transactions are done through the MoneyPak card. But players who choose to link their bank account, debit card or credit card to their PayPal account can rest assured that their personal information is also safe.

It’s important that players note that with PayPal there are minimum and maximum deposit amounts. The minimum one can deposit in a single deposit is $50. While the maximum deposit is limited to $5000 per deposit. The limit on monthly deposits is $10,000.  What makes PayPal particularly user friendly is that is supports over 23 major world currencies.

These include US Dollar, Euro, Pound Sterling, Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Danish Krone, Norwegian Kroner, Swedish Kroner, New Zealand Dollar, Japanese Yen, Polish Zioty, Hong Kong Dollar, Swiss Franc, Singapore Dollar, Czech Koruna, Hungarian Forint, Mexican Peso as well as the Israeli Shekel among others.

If a player has a PayPal account which hasn’t been verified, the player won’t be allowed to withdraw more than $500 per month. Players who wish to increase this withdrawal limit need to verify their identity. Players also have several options when it comes to withdrawing money. The withdrawn funds can either be transferred into the player’s bank account or the player may request a cheque.

Players need to, however, keep in mind that there’s a fee of $1.50 for US users who request to be paid via cheque. US customers generally receive their cheque in about 14 days. Those outside the US who request to be paid by cheque can expect to be paid within 6 weeks.

There are different types of PayPal accounts available. A player can choose between a private, non-commercial account and a premier account. A private account is more restrictive and limits the services a player can access on PayPal.

For example, with these accounts a player cannot accept payments made via credit card. One is also limited in terms of the number of transactions one can make as well as the size of these transactions.  Premium account holders are not subject to such restrictions.

PayPal is very simple to integrate with all online casino accounts. A player would need to sign up at the online casino and generally also would need to download the casino’s software. Once the player goes to the casino cashier or checks out, the player simply needs to select PayPal as a payment option. Of course, in order for this to work a player first needs to have set up a PayPal account.

It’s essential that a player keeps in mind that not all online casinos support PayPal. It varies from website to website and players need to pay careful attention to the online casino website they’re thinking of playing at.

The advantages of PayPal as a payment system  

PayPal is one of the most reputable and well-established online payment methods. Players who choose to pay using PayPal can rest assured that their money is in good hands. The platform and payment process is designed to ensure that none of a player’s personal information gets compromised.

PayPal is not only free to sign up for but it has some of the lowest transaction fees of all online payment methods. This is a quick and very efficient payment method. It ensures that players don’t need to waste time or energy worrying about revealing their credit card information. PayPal gives players worry and hassle free online gambling experience.

5 / 5 stars     
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