Understanding online casino loyalty rewards programs

Understanding online casino loyalty rewards programsOne of the most effective ways online casinos attract new players is through their loyalty rewards programs. While these are tempting, it’s important that players consider them carefully. Bonuses and loyalty rewards programs are a very instrumental part of any online casino’s marketing strategy and it’s easy for a player to get caught out.

Having said that, players who have a good understanding of how different bonuses work can do their best to avoid those which will end up costing players more than they’ll earn them. Understanding online casino loyalty rewards programs is crucial for players who plan on taking their online gambling seriously.

It’s important that players who are new to the world of online gambling understand the ins outs of various online casino loyalty rewards programs. In its simplest sense, an online casino loyalty rewards program is a casino’s way of not only ensuring players continue to play but also of thanking them for playing.

This explains why these rewards programs are referred to as loyalty rewards programs. They are the way a casino rewards players who regularly gamble at the casino.

Generally, online casino loyalty rewards programs are free for players to sign up for. As long as a player is registered with the online casino, s/he will be eligible for the loyalty rewards program. Unlike bonuses which come with wagering requirements, loyalty rewards programs often prove to be very rewarding.

Players who find themselves at a casino which doesn’t offer a loyalty rewards program should consider looking for another casino. These programs aren’t something a player wants to miss out on. Especially if one is a regular player. In this case, these loyalty rewards programs can prove to be very beneficial to a player.

In online casinos which offer a loyalty rewards program, a player will generally automatically become a member of the program once the player opens an account and deposits money. As a member of any online casino loyalty rewards program, one would be awarded points when the player bets on different games. These points are known as comp points.

As a player continues to bet at the casino so the player’s comp points will add up. Once the player has collected a certain number of comp points, the player will then have the option to exchange these comp points for cash.

Unlike bonuses and other promotions offered by the online casino, a player doesn’t need to fulfill any wagering requirements in order to exchange them for cash.  With this cash, a player can choose to use it to continue playing. Players also have the option to cash out.

Most online casino loyalty rewards programs aren’t simply limited to comp points. Most loyalty programs offer players the chance to have fun competing for a higher rank in the tiered rewards program. With such a loyalty program, the more points a player collects the higher up the rewards ladder a player moves.

The higher up the rewards ladder the player gets the more rewards the player will receive. These rewards include but are not limited to more comp points, deposit bonuses, reload bonuses as well as special promotions.

What makes these rewards special is that they’ll only be on offer to members of the loyalty rewards program. And the best thing about these special rewards is that players don’t have to do anything other than bet to be eligible for them.

Most online casinos will automatically sign a player up for the loyalty rewards program upon signing up. In the rare case that this doesn’t happen, a player should immediately request to be added to the program. This is the best and easiest way to get the most out of every bet that one makes.

Most online casino loyalty rewards programs will give a player access to a host of different promotions. These include cash-back bonuses. These give a player the option to exchange the comp points (otherwise referred to as loyalty points) for casino chips.

There are also monthly bonuses. These are offered on a monthly basis and in many ways are similar to new player bonuses. With these bonuses, the casino will match the player’s initial deposit. Initially, online casinos used to offer these bonuses to new players only. Many have since changed their strategy having realized how effective they are as a retention tool.

Other offers which are often part of most online casino’s loyalty rewards programs include specials. These are simply aimed at tempting old players who seem to have lost interest and to get them to play again. These include things like the chance to win a free car or even an all-expenses paid holiday.

Players who are members of an online casino’s loyalty rewards program also have tournaments to look forward to. These are only offered to loyalty rewards program members. With these exclusive tournaments, players will have the chance to compete in games like slots, roulette or even blackjack. The prizes on offer as part of these tournaments are often life-changing.

There are also auction points which many online casinos offer as part of their loyalty rewards programs. These are a fun and exciting take on the usual comp points. With auction points, a player can use his/her auction points as part of a bid for things like cars, iPods as well as for holidays.

If you’re a high roller you’ll soon find yourself a member of the casino’s exclusive VIP club. This is the way most online casinos reward their very active loyalty rewards program members. Being part of a VIP club is a whole new ball game. As a member, a player will receive an account manager to help advise him/her on the best gambling strategy.

As a member of a VIP club, a player gets extra special treatment. VIP club members are VIP members and they’re treated as such. Whatever a VIP member wants, they tend to get.

Online casino loyalty rewards programs are a must for any player who is serious about online gambling.  They’re especially rewarding if you’re a frequent player. As the more a player gambles, the more points the player will be awarded. Rewards programs are certainly worth looking into.

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