Using speed as a gambling strategy

Using speed as a gambling strategyAll gamblers whether they’re still wet behind the ears or are well seasoned veterans look for gambling strategies that are going to help them strike it lucky.

This is largely because gambling is a risk based and very unpredictable.

It’s always good to do whatever possible to ensure one has the best chances of winning. And at the very least, following a sound strategy will give a player the peace of mind to gamble with confidence.

Where many players go wrong is in choosing the strategy.  Betting systems, for example, are more likely to lose a player tons more money than the player initially set out to lose than to increase a player’s chances of winning. But that certainly doesn’t stop players. These strategies are a waste of time and of do more harm than good.

Players who are looking for an effective strategy that will give the player more control over his/her game often overlook how crucial something like playing speed is. Using speed as a gambling strategy is probably one of the least well known but most effective gambling strategies out there. And few players know it.

A casino’s aim is get as much money out of a player as possible while still providing a player with reasonable enough odds to keep him/her playing.  It is for this reason that casinos do their level best to ensure all their games are fast paced. This not only gets players adrenaline pumping but it increases the house edge.

The faster one plays the more one spends in a shorter space of time. This generally minimizes a player’s bankroll forcing the player to deposit more money than s/he would have to if the game was played at a slower pace.

The ability to control the speed at which one plays is the ability to control how one’s bankroll will be used. This is one the most crucial factors when it comes to effective bankroll management and thus remains one of the most sensible casino strategies out there.

Most players who are looking to be clever about gambling strategy focus on the house edge of different games. They will compare them and generally will stick with games that have the lowest house edge. But this is flawed thinking. It’s flawed to think that just because the house edge of a game is low it’s the most advantageous for a player to play that game.

Instead of focusing on house edge, it’s important that players consider things such as the number of spins a player is able to make in a specified period of time. Other essential factors to consider include how many bets or decisions the player is able to make per hour.

Ideally, a player wants to choose games where the player makes as few bets, decisions or spins per hour. These are the games where the player has the best chance of winning due to the slow pace of the game.

Casinos, both online and real world, are aware of how powerful the speed at which games are played is. It’s for this reason that casino do their best to ensure games are played at the fasted pace possible. For example, some casinos will give specific instructions to their dealers to deal cards as speedily as possible. Online casinos have taken this to the next level.

To ensure all games happen at ultra-fast pace, most online casinos rely on specially developed software. Real world casinos, on the other hand, rely on automatic continuous shuffling machines. These machines greatly speed up card based games and ensure that a dealer is able to deal 20% more hands, on average, per hour.

A good example of where casinos take advantage of playing speed using it to gain the upper hand is with slot machines. These are programmed to operate at the speed of light. But it’s not just the speed at which the machines operate. All modern machines give player the option to insert a bill instead of individual coins. What this means is that without noticing a player can quickly go through tons of bills.

Understanding the role of playing speed is one thing. But actually controlling it is another altogether. It’s not always a simple task and more often than not players will get carried away by the energetic environment of the casino. Below are some tips which may help.


While most players will think it’s impossible to control the speed of a blackjack game, there are still measures a player can take. For example, it’s best for a player to choose tables with less people. With busy tables comes more pressure and things tend to move far more quickly than at a quieter table.

Another crucial factor is the shuffling speed. Avoid tables where there are shuffling machines. These makes it easier for the dealer to deal many more hands than s/he ordinarily would be able to. Players should look for tables where the cards are manually dealt. This will slow things down enough for a player to effectively manage his/her bankroll.


When it comes to a game like mini-baccarat, the best thing a player can do to slow the playing speed is to always bet on the bank after it wins. While this may sound like an usual approach it is actually a powerful strategy and will have the effect of dramatically decreasing the number of bets a player can make per hour. In actual fact this can decrease the number of bets per hour by half.


Slots are perhaps one of the trickier games when it comes to controlling one’s playing speed. The best thing one can do, and this applies only to land based casinos, is to use the slot handle instead of the spin button. Players should also make a habit of feeding individual coins one by one instead of relying on a bill acceptor.

In doing this a player is forced to take stock of just how much s/he is depositing. Also, while depositing individual coins may be less convenient it has the effect of making the player aware of how much s/he has spent.

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