Different types of keno tickets

Different types of keno ticketsKeno is an inexpensive lottery style game which can be played both online and in real world casinos. While it is a simple game without too many complicated rules, there are many different variations. These are largely caused by the different types of keno cards players can choose between.

It’s essential that a player has a good understanding of the different types of keno tickets before playing the game. The different tickets add fun variations to the game but also change how certain elements of the game work.

Players are also likely to find that keno tickets may vary in online keno and land based keno. These differences are minor and it won’t take long for players to adjust to the differences.

Straight tickets

The simplest ticket a player will come across in keno is known as the straight ticket. These tickets list all the keno numbers a player can choose from. With straight tickets, keno numbers are listed only once.

While it is common to find these tickets in both online and land based casinos, generally online casinos will give players the option to bet on more keno numbers. In most online keno matches, players playing with straight tickets will have the option to bet on up to 40 different numbers.

Split tickets

Split tickets are one of the most commonly used tickets in keno. These tickets are very useful as they give players the option to bet on two or more combinations in one round. This is done by marking the selected combinations and then separating the two combinations with a dividing line. However confusion can still arise and it can be difficult to differentiate between the two sets.

Split sets consist of 15 numbers. Numbers cannot appear in more than one set. However, in order to clearly mark two separate split sets and avoid any confusion there are conventions a player will follow. Players will clearly indicate the number of sets they have chosen as well as the number of keno numbers in each set. These numbers are written in the main box on the keno ticket.

As an example, let’s say a player has decided on two separate sets each consisting of 5 different numbers. The player will then write 2/5 in the main box. Players should also note that they need to indicate how much each set costs as well as the total bet s/he is placing.

Combination ticket

The combination ticket is similar to the split ticket in some ways. Just like with the split ticket, players who decide to play a combination ticket will also select different groups or sets of keno numbers. However, unlike a split ticket with a combination ticket a player will also select a group which is equal to the sum of all other selected sets.

As an example, let’s say a player has selected two different sets which each contain 5. The player will then select a group which contains 10 as this is the sum total of the player’s selected sets.

Just like with a split set, the player needs to carefully mark what his/her combination set consists of. In this case, the player would mark 2/5 as well as 1/10. Players should keep in mind that with combination tickets players can mark a maximum of 15 numbers.

Combination tickets are useful for players who want to give themselves as many possible chances of winning. The really handy thing about these tickets is that one has the option to bet on a both a large group of numbers as well as individual numbers. This greatly increases one’s chances of winning.

Way tickets

Way tickets also give a player the chance to bet on a large selection of numbers. These tickets are not recommended for players who are looking to bet on individual numbers. For those looking to bet on single numbers, straight tickets are the best option. With way tickets players are betting on a series of numbers.

With way tickets a player will select a series of numbers each making up different sets. For the purposes of this example, let’s call the sets 1, 2, 3. In this case the player will be betting on 3 different sets each consisting of 10 numbers. The first set will consist of a combination of numbers from 1 and 2. The second group would be made up of numbers from 1 and 3 and the third group would consist of numbers from sets 2 and 3.

Just like the other tickets mentioned above, players need to clearly mark the sets they have chosen so as to avoid any confusion. In this case, a player would do that by writing 3/10.

King tickets

The last type of commonly available ticket is known as the king ticket. With this ticket, a player would start off by selecting one number that becomes known as king. The player would the select a number of numbers to make up different sets. The king would then be added to each set. The king ticket is for players who regard one particular number as being especially lucky.

As an example, let’s say a player starts off by selecting the number 7. The number will then become the king number. The player should then decide on the composition of his/her other sets. Maybe the player will choose 20 and 21 for one set and 70 and 80 for another. The king number, number 7, will then be added to each set. The player will therefore end up with one set consisting of 20, 21 and 7 and the other consisting of 70, 80 and 7.

There are many different types of keno tickets out there. The best a player can do is try them all out to get a sense of which type suits his/her playing style. Players are likely to find that certain ticket types increase a player’s chances of winning while other have no effect on the randomness of the game.

It’s all about trial and error. With enough time and practice, players will find the perfect keno ticket.


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