Choosing an online casino bonus

Choosing an online casino bonusOnline casino bonuses are very tempting and often where new players get caught out. Players who don’t take the time to read the small print are taking a risk they could end up regretting.

It’s important to fully understand exactly what a casino is offering. And most importantly, players should always keep in mind that a casino is not a charity. A casino is first and foremost a business and online casino bonuses are an integral part of their business strategy.

There is nothing simple about choosing an online casino bonus. There are many different factors a player needs to consider before deciding on the bonus that suits his/her playing style.  For example, players need to be sure to read all the small print with a fine tooth comb.

Then there are the online casino’s terms and conditions. Read them and then read them again. It’s also advisable to check how comprehensive, efficient and reliable the online casino’s customer support is. While this may seem like  setting oneself up for failure, one never knows if or when they may hit a problem. It’s best to be prepared.

Players also need to do an honest audit of their financial situation. It’s important that player’s consider how much they can realistically afford to lose. But more than that, a player needs to check that the money s/he has set aside for gambling wasn’t money earmarked for another purpose such as paying off a mortgage or sending the kids to university.

This is all about peace of mind. There’s nothing quite like the guilty feeling of gambling with money meant for something else to throw one off one’s game.

More than simply considering one’s financial position and the bankroll at one’s disposal, it’s essential that one gambles in a calm and collected mind set. Online casino bonuses are tempting. They’re designed to get players to either sign up, in the case of new players, or continue playing, in the case of existing players.

A player who is in an emotional state, feels impulsive or is drunk is unlikely to resist a tempting bonus. And while there’s nothing wrong with accepting such bonuses it’s essential to evaluate them effectively.

When it comes to actually deciding on an online casino bonus, new players may feel slightly overwhelmed. The sheer selection of online casino bonuses is likely to discourage those who aren’t sure how to choose the right bonus to suit their needs. These players should not despair as with enough research and patience, it becomes simple to navigate this complicated world of casino bonuses.

The two most commonly offered online casino bonuses are the free spins welcome bonus and the deposit welcome bonus. Both these bonuses are targeted at new players who have not yet signed up. Players who are new to the world of online gambling should familiarize themselves with these two bonuses as these are the casino bonuses they are likely to encounter most often.

A free spins welcome bonus is great for new players. As the name of this bonus suggests, this bonus gives  a player a limited number of free sessions in a certain amount of time. This bonus is great for new players who are looking to get a taste of the different online casino games available without too much risk.

There are several very advantageous things about this type of bonus. Firstly, with a free spins welcome bonus a player isn’t required to make a deposit to enjoy the bonus. However, the downside to this is that often these bonuses require a player to make a small deposit when they wish to claim their winnings.

There is also often a limit on the winnings. All this should be stipulated in the online casino’s terms and conditions. These will vary from casino to casino so it’s important that a player pays close attention.

The free spins welcome bonus is a good example of how tempting and seemingly risk free bonuses can seem. This particular bonus, at first glance, seems like a no strings attached offer. Many new players simply can’t risk this offer. It seems too good to be true. And that’s when players need to be aware.

The moment a bonus seems too good to be true, it’s likely it is. Players shouldn’t take a risk with bonuses that promise the world and require the player to do little in return.

The other type of online casino bonus players are likely to encounter frequently is the deposit welcome bonus. As the name of this online casino bonus suggests, with this bonus players are required to make an initial deposit before receiving the bonus.

While this may seem off putting players need to keep in mind that with this type of bonus the credit that they’ll receive will be far higher than with the free spins welcome bonus. It’s for this reason that most players prefer to take a risk and make the initial deposit in the hope that they’ll reap  the rewards.

Often bonuses will be applied to specific games. This is something that players need to consider. For example, in most online casinos one type of bonus would apply to games such as keno and scratch cards. While table based games like blackjack and craps would be in another category where a different kind of bonus would apply to them.

Players need to consider their strengths and weakness as well as which games suit their playing style before deciding on a bonus. But there are also other factors to consider. For example, at most online casinos the bonuses on offer for games like slots will be higher than for other games. They will also generally have lower wagering requirements.

But players shouldn’t be fooled by such bonuses. Players need to keep in mind that while games such as slots, keno and scratch cards may have higher bonuses with lower wagering requirements, it does not make them the best bonuses. These games all have higher house edge meaning that a player has less of a chance of winning.  Thus when considering a bonus it’s also essential a player looks at any restrictions such as which games the bonus applies to.

Another important factor that players need to keep in mind is that the bonuses are claimable. Bonuses are simply credits with which a player can play. All that a player can claim are the winnings. And even these will only be paid out on the condition that a player has satisfied all the wagering requirements.

Choosing an online casino bonus has a lot to do with the individual style of the player. Players who live for taking risks should go for slots bonuses. These tend to be far riskier but should the player win, they payout the most. Those players who are more calculated and prefer to play it safe should stick with bonuses that apply to table based games.

There are many different bonuses out there. Players need to do their homework and ensure they know what they’re getting into before they sign up or risk getting caught out.

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