Line bet strategy for slots

Line bet strategy for slotsBelieve it or not, slots are not without strategy. Of course you can’t compare strategy for slots with the sophisticated and well thought out strategy for games like blackjack. Slots are still random games with unpredictable outcomes.

But it’s always helpful to have a structured and well thought out approach to slots. And while this is unlikely to increase a player’s chances of winning, it can help contribute to effective bankroll management and can give a player better control over the game.

An understanding of line bet strategy for slots is essential for players who are serious about slots. The worst approach to a game like slots is just to show up and start playing. As random as the game  may be the best players are those with a well formulated plan. Knowing how to use line bet strategy for slots will give a player that and the peace of mind to play like a pro.

A line bet is a term which is used to refer to the amount a player decides to bet on each payline. Remember most modern day slots have several paylines and players can choose to bet on as many of them as they wish.

Generally, players who are hoping to increase their chances of winning will bet on all the paylines. In such a case, the line bet is calculated by dividing  the total amount a player can afford to spend on each spin by the number of paylines.

But it’s not as simple as that. Players who wish to be prepared have a lot to consider before they can even determine how much bankroll they have to play with. Players need to take into consideration how long they’re going to be playing for. It’s also essential that a player takes into account how many spins they will be able to make in one session.

It can be a bit tricky to determine things like how many spins a player makes in one session. This takes practice and observation. After playing a few sessions a player is likely to get a sense of his/her average playing speed. Some online casinos may even provide players with this information. Either way, it’s essential that a player knows his/her playing speed as that is crucial to being able to calculate bankroll as accurately as possible.

Once  a player has calculated his/her average speed rate it is then possible to work out how much the player should be spending on each spin on average. All a player then has to do is divide this amount, the total spin bet, by the number of paylines the player intends to play so as to determine the amount the player should spend on each line. This is also known as the line bet.

Once of the biggest controversies surrounding the line bet is whether or not it should be kept consistent throughout the entire session. Some players believe it is best to vary the line bet from session to session ensuring that the player’s average is maintained. While there is no right or wrong answer to this dilemma, there are various things a player needs to consider first.

When it comes to varying the line bet, one of the things to consider is monotony. Some players like to vary and adjust the bet so as to make the game more interesting. It really can become tedious to bet the same amount every session. Some players get a thrill out of trying different bets. This, of course, is up to an individual’s betting style.

Should a player choose such an approach it means that the player cannot make use of Auto Play mode. Again, this has its pro and cons. Auto Play gives a player the option to pre-program the machine with a certain bet amount and leaves the computer to play out the game.

For some players this takes the fun out of slots. But for those who are looking to play more demanding casino games in the background this is the perfect solution. Such players, would however, have to calculate their line bet and then set if for each session.

Another reason players may decide to vary their line bet is because they may believe they have hit a winning or losing streak. Such players would want to vary what they then bet per line accordingly. This is problematic approach especially because there is no such thing as a winning or losing streak when it comes to slots.

Players need to understand that slots are random and each round is independent of the next. This doesn’t stop some players however. Players who have just won are likely to increase their line bet as they will believe that they have hit a winning streak.

Those that have lost are likely to decrease their bet for fear that they’ve hit a losing streak. Such an approach to slots is unlikely to increase a player’s chances of winning.

An approach to slots based solely on winning or losing streaks is highly problematic. It can result in a situation where a player has won 5 or 6 sessions. As a result the player’s line bet would be very high. When the player does finally lose, the player stands to lose more than s/he may be prepared to lose. But keeping the line bet consistent, a player is effectively limiting the highest amount s/he can possibly bet and therefore minimizing potential damage.

As an example, let’s say a player starts off with a line bet of $2. This player believes in winning and losing streaks and therefore decides to increase his/her bet to $3 when s/he wins. If the player wins again, s/he may decide to increase the betting amount yet again. There are some players who follow a modified approach and so after one win don’t increase. This is a way of preventing the line bet from getting out of control.

In the above scenario, when the player then loses the player will decrease his/her bet by $1. If the player finds him/herself betting only $1 due to all the losses, the player will continue betting only $1 until s/he starts winning again.

The line bet strategy for slots is a helpful approach to this game. It helps a player control his/her bankroll effectively and paves the way for responsible gambling.

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