Keno strategy

Keno strategyKeno, not unlike roulette, is one of those random casino games with an unpredictable outcome. It is for this reason that may players assume the only thing a player can do is hope luck is on their side. While there may be an element of truth to this, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t things a player can do to increase his/her chances of winning.

The thing that players need to keep in mind, however, is that no keno strategy will be effective at guessing the winning numbers. But an effective keno strategy can help a player effectively manage bankroll and have more control of the game.  Players should also steer clear of any get rich quick keno strategy they many stumble upon online. There are plenty of them and all they’ll do is give a player false hope.

It may seem simple to develop an effective keno strategy. After all it’s a game with 80 different numbered balls of which a player chooses maximum 20. This means that on average a player has a one in three chance of winning.

A large part of a player’s keno strategy should be research. Players should determine which tables offer the best payouts before deciding on where to play. In the case of online casinos, the payout is affected by the different software providers. A little bit of online research will soon give a player a sense of which casinos are not only the most reputable but offer the best payouts.

At a land based casino it can be more complicated. At such casinos players don’t have the option to do any online research and need to rely on their knowledge of what a good keno payout is.

Another important thing players need to consider when it comes to an effective keno strategy is how many numbers to bet on. At most online casino players have the option to choose between 1 and 15 numbers. Sometimes there’s even the option to choose more than 15 numbers.

The thing about choosing numbers is that they don’t affect the cost of a player’s bet. The number of numbers a player choose, does however, increase a players chances that one of those numbers will be drawn.

But it’s not quite as simple as that. The more numbers a player chooses the more numbers the player needs to get in order to win. For example, let’s say a player picks 6 numbers. In most casinos a player would then need to get 3 matching numbers in order to win anything. Players should therefore give careful thought to the number of numbers they choose.

The ideal would be to choose enough numbers to increase a player’s chances of winning while still not choosing so many that a player has an unreasonable amount of numbers to get before being eligible for a payout. Typically, most players end up choosing between 4 and 8 numbers. This is considered a reasonable amount of numbers to choose.

It’s considered foolish to choose less than 4 numbers. In such a case the payout aren’t real worth playing for especially because with only 4 numbers the house has an exceptionally high advantage.  Similarly, choosing 9 or more numbers is not considered strategic as the odds of the numbers getting drawn are very low. For example, the chances that a player who bets on 15 numbers will actually get all 15 numbers are about 428 billion to 1.

The tricky thing about choosing numbers is that in a game like keno, the more numbers a player chooses that higher the potential jackpot one could win becomes. Having said that, the more numbers a player chooses so the chances of the player winning decreases. It’s therefore a fine line between playing competitively and with the jackpot in mind and playing strategically.

Another sound keno strategy which players should consider involves varying how one places bets. By betting in a variety of different ways a player is increasing his/her chances of winning. For example, let’s say a player decides to bet on 8 numbers the player could decide to bet on the numbers as one group of 8 numbers or perhaps as two groups of 4 numbers. What this effectively does is give a player the chance to place three separate bets. In this case, a player has three times more of a chance of winning.

As mentioned, keno is a lot about luck. And one of the times when luck can come in handy is when it comes to choosing numbers. Since the game is random the numbers one chooses can’t really make any difference. One is either spot on or way off. Either way, it can’t hurt for a player to get some luck on their side. There are a many different ways to choose keno numbers.

These include choosing family birthdays or significant dates such as anniversaries. Some people choose their keno numbers based on phone numbers, addresses or a simple gut feeling. And for those players who aren’t interested in choosing, there is the options to have the computer choose a random selection of numbers. This is known as a quick pick.

When considering keno strategy it’s always important to give some thought to bankroll. Effective bankroll management ensures that players bet responsibly and will have the self-control to know when to call it quits. Players should never bet more than they can afford to lose. Players who are serious about winning and plan on playing as many rounds as possible should calculate how much they can afford to bet each time.

Keno may be an unpredictable game but that doesn’t mean a strategic and well thought out approach to the game can’t come in handy. While keno strategy won’t guarantee that a player wins it will give players more control over how they play and in that way increase a player’s chances of winning. Such an approach to a game like keno is likely to cut down on irresponsible and emotional gambling.

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