Effective craps strategy

Effective craps strategyOne of the biggest misconceptions when it comes to a casino game like craps is that due to the unpredictable nature of the game players who look for craps strategies are wasting their time. That certainly is not the case. Players who are competitive enough and play to win have developed strategies which can help increase a player’s chances of winning.

And if nothing else these strategies will give a player better control over his/her game.  The most effective strategies for a game like craps are point based. Players who invest enough time in mastering these basic strategies won’t regret it.

Points based craps strategies have been developed to deal with the bets that are less advantageous to the casino.  In other words, these are bets which have the lowest house edge. These bets include the Pass Line bet as well as the Come bets. What makes these bets so appealing to players is their 1.4% house edge as well as the fact that they often come with a single free deposit bet. This means that players can look forward to high payouts and even more chances to win.

The strategy is simple to follow and can prove to be quite effective. To make the most of this strategy a player needs a good understanding of the craps table and how the different throws work. The idea behind this strategy is to for a player to establish two points on the craps table.

A player would start by placing a $1 bet on the Pass Line. The player would then roll the dice. If the player rolls a 7 or 11, the bet wins. If, however, the player rolls 2, 3, or 11 the bet loses. Regardless of the outcome of the roll, after the player has rolled the dice the table is cleared and the player gets ready to roll again.

If the player rolls 4 5 6 8 9 or 10, then this number becomes the point number. The player then has to place a Pass Line bet. This is done by placing $1 on the Pass Line. Players need to make sure that this bet is placed in such a way that it is clearly separate from the initial bet. A player can do this by placing the new bet just outside the Pass Line. It is important that players do this as these two bets have different payouts.

In addition to the Pass Line bet, a player needs to place a Come bet. This is a $1 bet and once a player has placed it, the player would once again roll the dice.  After the player has rolled the dice the bets are considered. It’s important that players note that these bets are considered individually.

If a player rolls a 7, both the Pass Line bet as well as the free odds bet lose. The dealer will then remove the bets from the craps table. If, however, the player rolls the point number then the Pass Line and the free odds bet win. If any other number beside the point number is rolled then the bets continue to count.

The Come bet is then examined. Players should note that the Come bet is independent of the Pass Line bet. This means that any point number which has been established does not count for the Come bet. If 7 or 11 are rolled the Come bet wins. However, if 2, 3, or 11 are rolled then the bet loses. If the player rolls any other number, for example 9, that number becomes the point number for the Come bet.

The dealer will then move the chips into the box with that number. In this case, the box marked 9. A player then has the option to place a free odds bets together with the Come bet. This can be done by tapping the box next to the Come bet.

Using such a betting strategy means that a player will end up with a Pass Line bet and an associated free odds bet. The player may also have established a point number. Then there is the player’s Come bet with its odds bet and an associated point number. If the player then rolls a 7, the player loses and all bets are removed from the craps table.

If the player rolls the point number for the Pass Line bet, then that bet along with the associated free odds bet win. They dealer will then remove the bets from the table. The player can then place a new Pass Line bet. If the player rolls the point number for the Come bet, the Come bet and its associated free odds bet are removed. In a similar way to the Pass Line bet, the player then has the option to place another Come bet.

If the player rolls anything other than 7 or one of the established point numbers, the bets remain on the table and the player can continue playing.

When it comes to playing craps, it’s best to avoid those strategies which promise to help a player magically win. There’s no such quick fix when it comes to casino games especially a game like craps. What one can do, however, is take advantage of craps odds and use them to one’s advantage.

It’s also essential that a player has a comprehensive understanding of how to play the game.  That’s really the only way to fully take advantage of such a strategy and to make it work for oneself.

Perfecting a point based craps strategy may take some work but it’s certainly worth the effort. Players will find that they have not only a better understanding of the inner workings of the game but the more control over their betting.

Of course a player should always keep in mind that such a strategy, while it may prove to be effective, is not enough to guarantee a player a win. The bottom line is that craps is still a random game with unpredictable outcomes.


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