Microgaming’s Always to Win slots

Microgaming’s All Ways to Win slotsMicrogaming is one of the most innovative and cutting edge online casino software providers out there. Players can rest assured that if a casino is powered by Microgaming, the games will be of the highest quality. Everything from the graphics to the sounds effects are designed to give players the most authentic online gambling experience possible.

But with Microgaming, it doesn’t stop there. This software provider is always looking for new and innovative ways for players to experience  their traditional old favourites. That’s why it should come as no surprise that in 2009, Microgaming introduced a new slot machine, Burning Desire, which changed the face of slots forever.

Burning desire come with a unique never seen before feature called All Ways to Win. The idea behind this was that players no longer needed to get a specific combination to strike it lucky as in a paylines slot machine. With All Ways to Win slots any matching symbols on adjacent reels are enough for a player to win. This was something that had never been possible before. It’s adds a whole new element to slots.

Most of the slots with the All Ways to Win feature are 5 reel slots with three rows of symbols. This means that players have 243 different ways to win. It is for this reason that slots with the All Ways to Win feature became known as 243 Ways to Win slots.

The appealing thing about these slots is that with 243 Ways to Win, theoretically players will have more chances to win. While the 243 Ways to Win slots may have more ways to win than regular slots, it’s important that players keep in mind that the payout at these machines is not higher. This is because often the casinos will program the machines to regulate payouts.

When it comes to how much to bet, it can become a bit complicated with 243 Ways to Win slots. With regular slots, a player would take the total line bet and multiply it by how many active paylines there are. This means that if the slot machine has 25 active paylines with a line bet of 10 coins per line, 2560 coins would be needed.

If one has to apply the same practice to a 243 Ways to Win slot one would need a ridiculous amount of coins. For example, applying this logic to one of these slots where 10 coins are needed per line, a player would need a total of 2430 coins. In order to avoid this most 243 Ways to Win slots will specify a multiplier. In the case of Burning Desire the random multiplier is 25 meaning a player would multiply the line bet by 25 regardless of the fact that there are 243 ways to win. This greatly simplifies things.

The popularity of these 243 Ways to Win slots has encouraged Mircogaming to develop several variations of the All Ways slots. One of the slots modelled on the 243 Ways to Win slot that they developed was called Arctic Fortune. This slot machine consisted of four rows of symbols across 5 reels. This means that with Arctic Fortune, there are an impressive 1024 different ways to win.

Micorgaming also later developed a slot machine called Hot Ink which just like Arctic Fortune had 1024 ways to win. And Microgaming certainly didn’t stop there. They also developed a slot called Dolphin Coast which has an unheard of 3125 different ways to win. This slot never quite acquired the same acclaim as Arctic Fortune and Hot Ink. Many think that this had more to do with the slot’s theme and features than the fact that it offered 3125 ways to win.

Despite these other variations, 243 Ways to Win slots remain among the most popular slots offered by Microgaming. Currently there are at least a dozen 243 Ways to Wins slots on offer at online casinos powered by Microgaming.  These slots include Alaskan Fishing, Asian Beauty, Burning Desire, Immortal Romance, Private Eye, Reel Gems, Robin Hood Feathers of Fortune, Santa’s Wilde Ride, The Lord of the Rings, Thunderstruck II as well as the Untamed Wildlife series. While Micorgaming is continuously working on new games, they’re also doing their best not to overdo the 243 Ways to Win slot machines they release for fear that they’ll lose their novelty.

All the 243 Ways to Win slots that Microgaming does release receive tons of publicity and are often highly regarded. For example, recently Microgaming released Thunderstruck II which was an updated version of its earlier slot Thunderstruck. This has since become one of Microgaming’s most popular slots which comes with a host of new and exciting features.

Then in 2011, Microgaming released Immortal Romance. This was also a 243 Ways to Win slot and was based on Thunderstruck II.  Another highly regarded 243 Ways to Win slot that Microgaming released was based on The Lord of the Rings book and movie series. This caused a publicity stir never seen before with the release of slot machine.

Any online casino which is powered by Microgaming is worth trying out. The graphics, animations and sound effects are of the highest quality. You can be assured that with Microgaming you’re getting an online gambling experience you won’t find anywhere else online. And while you’re at it, be sure not to miss out on their incredible 243 Ways to Win slots. These take slot machines to a new level and are bound to keep you busy with fun-filled winning for hours on end.

What are you waiting for? If you haven’t done so already head over to one of the Microgaming powered casinos and try out 243 Ways to Win slots for yourself. There are tons of Microgaming casinos online but if you’re looking for a place to start Spin Palace Casino (read our review here) and Golden Riviera Casino (read more about Golden Riviera Casino here) are among the top Microgaming casinos online.

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