How to behave at a craps table

How to behave at a craps tableA player hasn’t completely mastered any table-based casino game such as craps or roulette until one has a good understanding of the etiquette involved in playing the game. Often these are unwritten rules which separate new comers from the more experienced. Whatever you do, don’t approach a craps table until you know how you’re expected to behave at a craps table.

Some players may dismiss these rules as nothing more than baseless superstition. After all knowing how to throw the dice or where to stand aren’t going to help you win. They won’t even increase your chances of winning. But having an understanding of the subtle intricacies of the game will give you a new appreciation and understanding of the inner workings of the game of craps.

More than that, you don’t want to appear as a complete bigger. As the cliché goes, fake it till you make it. And believe it or not, learning correct craps etiquette will help you do just that.

Players should wait for the dealer to indicate that a player can buy in before even thinking of doing so. A dealer will indicate that it’s time for a player to buy in by either signaling or a player will see that the dice are at the centre of the table.

There are some superstitious players who believe that buying in before the shooter ends his turn is bad luck and could cause the player to roll craps. While there is no logical basis to such thinking, it’s seen to be courteous to wait until the next round before buying in. This will also ensure that the player cannot be blamed for disturbing or distracting the shooter.

Another thing players need to note about buying in is that when doing so a player needs to place the money on the table. This is because the dealer cannot take money from a player’s hands; only from the table.

There are also unwritten rules surrounding betting which a new player would be wise to adhere to. It’s not recommended that a player place a bet when the shooter is rolling the dice. The tricky thing about this is that technically if a player decided to place a bet while the shooter was rolling, the dealer would have to accept it. It is, however, simply considered bad sportsmanship and is something a polite player would avoid.

A player also needs to rely on the dealer to make bets. A player doesn’t simply place chips on the craps table even if the betting line the player wants is within reach. This is considered to be in poor taste. A new player should consult the dealer and wait for the dealer to indicate that bets are being accepted.

In terms of bets types, it’s not recommended to place bets against the dealer. Of course players can and do place such bets. However such bets don’t build any camaraderie and won’t be regarded favorably by the other players at the table. What this means is that a player would avoid making bets like the Don’t Pass or Don’t Come bet which are all bets against the shooter. Instead, a player would stick to Pass Line or Come bets.

When the shooter is rolling the dice a player should take a small step away from the table and be sure his/her hands aren’t near the craps table.  Other objects such as drinks should also be removed from the vicinity of the table. The idea behind this is to ensure that if the dice ricochets, it won’t hint anything belonging to the player.

This also ensures that the player can’t be accused of trying to cheat or of trying to influence the outcome of the dice roll.  You don’t want to evoke the ire of more experienced players and so it’s best to keep to yourself and ensure you can’t be implicated in any way.

Tipping is also a part of craps etiquette. Craps is a game where players are expected to tip good dealers. This is especially the case when the player is doing well. No one wants to get a reputation as a stingy and ungrateful player. So if you plan on playing regularly at a particular casino start by developing a rapport with the dealer.  At the very least, this will win you the dealer’s respect.

There are two ways a player can tip the dealer. This can either be given directly or a player may decide to place a bet on behalf of the dealer.  Having a dealer on your side can be useful especially in a game like craps where the bets are so complicated.

General table etiquette which often applies to other table-based casino games includes things like not pushing in. These are generally quite intuitive and involve treating your fellow players with respect. Since there are a limited number of places at a craps table, a player should wait his/her turn if all places are taken.

If you have a drink or perhaps smoke be considerate and keep them away from the table. It’s not recommended and is generally frowned upon to use to table edge to rest drinks on.  Players who are loud should avoid shouting or any other behavior which might distract the shooter. This is inconsiderate and will cause the player to become disliked quite quickly.

Mastering craps table etiquette will give you a new appreciation for the game. It will improve your relations with other players and the dealer and is likely to make you a very well-liked player. For new players, learning table etiquette can save you.

More experienced players are likely to treat a new comer who lacks the appropriate etiquette as an intruder. Dealers are also less understanding when it comes to players who haven’t bothered to at least learn the basics of craps etiquette. So do yourself a favor, before you learn anything else about craps, brush up on the essentials of table etiquette.


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