Debunking baccarat myths

Debunking baccarat mythsIn order to become an experienced baccarat player one needs to master more than the basics of the game. While a large part of becoming a seasoned player may have to do with understanding strategy and essential terminology, oftentimes it’s more complicated than that. New players often spend so much of their time trying to understand what they feel are the integral aspects of the game that they don’t bother getting to the bottom of the many baccarat myths that are out there.

While this may not seem like a big deal, it could end up costing a new player the game. If a player approaches any game with more misconceptions than true understanding that’s a recipe for disaster. Don’t fall into that trap. Don’t let disinformation and unexamined baccarat myths cost you the game.

If you aim to become an experienced baccarat player who can make a buck or two from playing the game it’s important that you truly have an understanding of the game.  And that means interrogating any baccarat myths or superstitions you may encounter. You owe it to yourself.

To make things easier for you we’ve compiled a list of the main baccarat myths all new players are likely to encounter. Of course, as you will soon discover, there are tons more baccarat myths. In time and with enough experience you’ll learn to differentiate the facts from the myths. For now, focus on our list of essential baccarat myths. If you pay attention to them, you’ll save yourself from some unpleasant situations.

Myth #1: Look for patterns

Regardless of the game you choose you play, you’re likely to find many myths around how to strike it lucky with little effort or risk. Baccarat is no exception to these myths many of which recommend a player looks for patterns. This is flawed, illogical thinking and is simply a poor approach to the game. Since baccarat is more about chance and luck, it’s impossible to spot any patterns no matter how hard one looks. The random nature and unpredictable outcome of the game means that a player is never going to spot a reliable pattern.

The best thing a player can do is accept the fact that the game’s outcome is random and simply hope that lady luck is on the player’s side. Also, it’s always important to keep in mind that because of the house edge the banker will always win more than the player does. The only thing a player can really control is his/her attitude to the game. Don’t take it too seriously and remember that it’s only a game. Players  who do that are more likely to get the most out of it.

Myth #2: Card counting can improve a player’s chances of winning

One of the most problematic baccarat myths is that one use card counting to increase one’s chances of winning. This is certainly not the case and could throw a player’s game.  Card counting is used, sometimes with some success, in blackjack.

Many think that since both blackjack and baccarat use the same deck a similar strategy can be applied to both games. The problem with this is that with blackjack cards are returned to the deck. In baccarat this is not the case. This simply cannot work when playing baccarat and it’s best that players avoid this strategy.

Myth #3:  Betting systems will increase your chances of winning

There are many different betting systems out there. These include the Martingale System and the Fibonacci system. The basic idea behind these betting systems is that a player can take advantage of the law of probability and so should know how to bet accordingly.

Most betting systems follow the logic that if a player has just won a round, the player is likely to lose in the next round as the player could have now hit a losing streak. Therefore after a win, a player would decrease the bet. Conversely, if a player has just lost a round the player is likely to win the next round as the player could have hit a winning streak. This is why players following betting systems will generally increase their bet after a loss.

These betting systems do not work with games like baccarat which are random. If one had just won, one could continue to do so. There is no pattern and the game certainly does not abide by the laws of probability. These systems are simply too risky and could cause a player to lose big time. To follow a betting system a player would need access to an unlimited bankroll. It’s, therefore, best to stay clear of all systems.

Myth #4: Baccarat is the game of the upper echelons of society

Baccarat used to be the favorite game of the aristocracy in my parts of the world. The game is often seen in this light even though this is no longer the case.  In modern day casinos, both real world and online, baccarat is no different to any other game on offer. It’s a game everyone can play and is often so affordable that even low income earners can afford to play it.

Myth #5: You cannot make a profit playing baccarat

While it’s true that all games have a house advantage, it’s not correct to think that one cannot walk away with some decent winnings as a baccarat player. Baccarat has one of the lowest house edges. There is only a 1.06% chance that the casino will win while the player has a 1.24% chance.

This may not sound too great but it’s far better odds than with other games like slot machines or roulette. Of course there is still risk involved in playing baccarat but it’s certainly less than with games like slots. Players who know what they’re doing can walk away with a profit.

Although baccarat myths abound, with time it will become easier to spot myths and disinformation. Don’t get caught out by baccarat myths.

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