Different craps bets

Different craps betsCraps is seen to be one of the more complex casino games to master. While it doesn’t require nearly as much strategy as a game like blackjack there certainly is more to it than games over which a player has no control such as slot machines. Players who wish to master craps need to understand that they have their work cut out for them.

There is a lot of intricate craps terminology a player needs to fully grasp before every having a complete understanding of the inner workings of the game. For many who are new to craps the biggest challenge can be deciding what to learn first. While things like dice control and craps strategy will come in handy, we recommend starting with craps bets.

The sheer number of bets a player can make in a game of craps is enough to put a new player off. But players need to remain level-headed and understand that with time they’ll master more bet types. For now, all a new comer needs to know are the main craps bets and to spend time mastering them. There’s no need to feel overwhelmed as remember that it’s a solid basis that will take a player the furthest in the end.

Some players who are learning craps spend time trying to master all sorts of complicated bets. This can throw an inexperienced player and may even end up costing the player the game. So stick with the basics and master that before moving onto anything fancy. New players need to brush up on their pass line and don’t pass bets. These bets aren’t as complicated as they may seem and with enough patience and practice a dedicated player can master these quickly.

Pass line bet

To place a pass line bet all a player would need to do is place the number of chips s/he wants to bet in the area on the craps table which is marked Pass Line. These bets must be made before what is known as the come out roll. This is when the shooter (the player throwing the dice) makes the first roll.  If the shooter’s come out roll is a 7 or 11, which are referred to as a natural, the players who have bet on the pass line would win. If however, the shooter rolls craps which would be a 2, 3 or 12 the pass line bets lose.

This bet becomes even more interesting if the shooter rolls any number other than a natural or craps. In this case that number becomes the player’s point. In order to win the pass line bet, the shooter needs to roll the point number again. For example, if the point number is 5 but the shooter rolls a 7 in a subsequent round, the player loses. If, however, the shooter rolls a 5 the pass line bets win.  This bet remains until it is either won or lost. It is for this reason that it is sometimes referred to as a contract bet.

Don't pass line bet

The don’t pass bet is basically a bet against the shooter. It is for that reason that some players prefer to shy away from this bet as it’s sometimes considered poor sportsmanship. This bet is the opposite of the pass the line bet. With the don’t pass bet, a player will win if the shooter rolls craps (2 or 3) and lose if a natural (7 or 11) is rolled.  In the case that the shooter rolls 12, the bet is considered to be a tie.  Just like with the pass the line bet, if any other number is rolled it becomes the player’s point. Unlike with the pass the line bet, in this case if a 7 is rolled before the point number the don’t pass bet wins.  For example, let’s say the player’s point number is 5. If the shooter rolls a 7 in the subsequent round the player’s bet wins. If, however, the shooter rolls a 5 the player’s bet loses.

The great thing about both the pass the line and the don’t pass bets is both bets decrease the house edge. This means that with both these bets a player has a greater chance of winning and the chance that a player loses will decrease dramatically.  The pass the line bet is seen to be one of the strongest bets a player can make. This has a house edge of 1.41%. With this bet a player has about a 49% chance of winning. The house edge with a don’t pass bet is 1.36%. With this bet players have about a 47% chance of winning.

One of the best and most advantageous bets a player can make is another bet. This is known as taking odds or the odds bet. This bet can only be placed after the come out roll and the player’s point number has been established. This is one of the bets which has the lowest house edge and pays out the best rate. To place this bet, a player would place chips behind the initial pass line bet which was made. If the shooter rolls the player’s point number in a subsequent round, the odds bet wins and the player is paid out even money.  Since the house edge is so low with the odds bet, it’s literally zero, it’s worthwhile for a player to bet quite a lot.

There are plenty of bets in craps. These include the come bet, buy bet, lay bet, place bet, field bet, one roll bet and proposition bets among others. The more experienced a player is the more a player will be exposed to and gradually the player will begin to learn other bets. For beginners, however, the pass the line, don’t pass and odds bet are a great place to start. Players need to understand that these bets are the basis for the other more complicated bets. It’s essential that a player masters them first before moving onto anything more complicated.

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