Slots around the world

Slots around the worldIf you get bored easily and are looking for a game with lot of excitement and just as much variety, slots might just be for you. There are thousands of different slot machine games out there. These include everything from old fashioned slots only found in real world casinos to the more sophisticated video slots that offer a superior gaming experience.

The interesting thing about slot machines is that players are likely to encounter different types of slots in different countries. If you’re a veteran gambler who likes to frequent real world casinos you’ll be taken aback by how slot machines can differ from country to country.  Those who think of slots and immediately think Vegas Style machines are in for a surprise.

At first glace the slot machines in Britain may seem identical to the machines one might encounter in the USA. But players shouldn’t be fooled by these slot machines’ seemingly common three to six reels which many have to come to expect from American slots. These machines, also referred to as Pokies, come with more games and tons more chances to win.

Because of the symbols which appear on the reels of these British slots, they’re sometimes also called fruit machines. Some people even call them AWP an abbreviation for amusement for prizes. Regardless of how a player refers to these slots, it’s important not to dismiss them as just another American slot machine. Players will be greatly surprised at the experience these slot machines offer. These slot machines can also be found in Czech Republic and Ukraine.

Slot machines were only legalized in Canada in 1985. Then in 1989, the first Canadian casino was opened in the city of Winnipeg. This casino was known as the Crystal Casino and it offered video lottery terminals (VLTs). These are similar to modern-day slot machines. However, unlike slot machines, VLTs are preprogrammed offering limited payouts. They can be compared to lottery tickets where a player would scratch and win. The only difference is that VLTs are computerized. These can still be found in Canada in places like bowling alleys for example.

Slot machines really took off and gained popularity in Japan especially after World War II when a slot unique to Japan, Pachinko, was created. These machines are a unique type of slot machine not to be found elsewhere in the world. Pachinko combines the slot machine with a pinball machine. When these machines first hit Japan’s streets, a player would have to fire steel balls in a similar way to how one would when playing with a pinball machine. In modern Pachinko, however, a player controls the steel pinball-like balls using a special device. This is responsible for controlling the speed and general trajectory of the balls.

Something interesting which players should note about slots in Japan is that most don’t offer cash as a payout. This is because of a Japanese law which forbids slot machines from giving winnings in the form of cash. Most Pachinko machines, therefore, give additional steel balls as a payout. Sometimes other tokens are used instead of cash. Most betting places will allow a player to then exchange these tokens for cash.

In Ireland the slot machines are very similar to what you’d find in either Las Vegas or Atlantic City. There are two different types of Irish slots. These are known as Random Slots and Reflex Slots. The main difference between these two slots is that with Random Slots, the payouts are unpredictable while Reflex Slots have an 80% payout. These slots are commonly found in recreational places such as pubs and arcades. The slots on offer in Switzerland are very similar to those that can be found in Ireland.

The slot machines in Australia are known as poker machines, pokies or gaming machines. These are generally five reel machines and most are video slots. Most of these slots are multiple line slots which give the player to option to bet on up to 50 different lines. Slot machines are quite common in Australia and a variety of different slots can be found in every major Australian city as well as places such as pubs and sports clubs. The only exception to this is in Western Australia where in The Burswood Entertainment Complex there is a more limited selection of slots on offer.

In Russia slot machines are also quite common however there is strict government legislation which restricts where gambling can legally take place. Before the implementation of this legislation, slots where found everywhere from gas stations to grocery stores. Now slots and other forms of gambling are limited to casinos in Kalingrad, the Altay republic, the Primorie as well as Krasnodar territory. Any casinos found outside of these regions will be shut down.

In Korea slot machines are very popular and there is a mind-blowing selection of slots to choose from. In Singapore slots are also a huge hit. There is legislation in place which limits each casino to a selection of 2500 different slot machines. There certainly isn’t a shortage of slot machines to choose from and with 2500 machines on offer there’s something for everyone.

Slot machines can be found worldwide and while the basic premise of the game may be the same the games themselves vary greatly. Whether you’re an experienced professional or simply an enthusiastic beginner, you should do yourself a favor the next time you’re travelling and stop in at a casino where you have to give the slot machines a try. With tons of slots around the world, you’re bound to be pleasantly surprised. And it’s that variety that makes slot machines so fun. But the best way to understand this isn’t by reading about the different slots. So get out there and give them a try.


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