Essential baccarat terminology

Essential baccarat terminologyMastering baccarat doesn’t just involve learning the rules of the game or perfecting basic baccarat strategy. To become a truly competent baccarat player it’s important to have a comprehensive understanding of essential baccarat terminology. Not only will this improve a player’s understanding of the game but it will give a player a nuanced appreciation for the game that a player is unlikely to find elsewhere.

Without mastering baccarat terminology a player won’t be able to fully grasp the inner workings of the game. However, players don’t need to overwhelm themselves with the many different baccarat terms. In this comprehensive guide, we highlight the essential terminology a player needs to truly master the game.

Players who do so will soon see how their experience of this game is greatly enriched. Mastering the essentials of baccarat terminology is an investment that is not only worthwhile but could end up increasing a player’s chances of winning.

Below are the essential baccarat terms every player should master before playing the game.

A Natural

This is a term which is used to describe a hand in which a player’s first two cards total 8 or 9.

A Chevel

This only applies to certain baccarat games and isn’t always applicable. In such a game, players can player two hands simultaneously.


This is a term which has a dual meaning. On the one hand it’s used to refer to the name of the game. It is also the term which describes a hand the total of which is zero. This is the worst hand one could have in baccarat.


This is the position generally assumed by the dealer. The banker plays after the player is done with his/her round.


This term describes a move by the player when the player asks for another card.


This is a French term which is used to refer to a single round of baccarat.

Casino edge

This is used to describe the advantage the casino has over the player. One talks about the casino edge in all casino games and not just when it comes to baccarat. It’s very important that a player considers the casino edge before playing.

All games have a different casino edge. For example, with games like slots the casino has a considerable edge over the player more than with a strategy-based game like blackjack. Baccarat is seen to have a low casino edge with the casino having only a 2.86% chance of winning over the player.


This is the term used to describe a situation in which another card is added to either the player or banker’s hand.

Flat bettor

This term refers to a player who bets the same amount of money in each round.

Go bank

This is a term used to refer to a type of baccarat bet in which the player matches the bet made by the dealer.


This is the term which is used to describe all the cards a player is dealt during a round of baccarat.


This describes the casino employee who is responsible for ensuring that everything at the baccarat table is fair and that there is no suspicious behaviour.

Le Grande

This is the term which describes the best hand a player can have in a game of baccarat. This hand totals 19.

Modulo 10

This is the term which is used to refer to the manner in which baccarat hands are counted. Unlike other games, with baccarat hands are counted in a unique way. Players count their hand and then drop the first digit. For example, if a player has 9 + 5 the player has a total of 14. Using modulo 10, this is dropped to 4.


This is the term used to describe the special wooden or plastic paddle which croupiers use for dealing cards and chips.


This is the term used to describe the people involved in a game of baccarat. The term is used so as to differentiate those who play the game from a type of baccarat hand, the ‘player’.


This is the term used for the special container in which the cards are kept.


This is used to refer to one of two actions. A stand either refers to a player’s decision to stay with the cards in hand and not pick up additional cards. It can also be used when decides to stop playing and leaves the table.


This is the term which is used to refer to a type of bet in which a player puts money on the fact that the dealer and player’s hand will have equal value. It’s seen to be a risky hand which the player doesn’t have good odds of winning.

A player who successfully masters these terms will greatly improve his/her chances of winning. While there are lots of things a player new to baccarat needs to know, the terminology is a good place to start. With enough practice these terms will become natural and intuitive. All it takes is a little patience and lots of patience. But in the end, players who do so will really begin to see results.

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