Understanding the Martingale System

Understanding the Martingale SystemThe Martingale System is one of the oldest and most commonly used roulette betting systems. It is believed to have originated in France in the early 18th century. Although it is a commonly accepted betting system it is risky and can cause an impulsive player to lose lots of money very quickly.

Such a system would be useful if it didn’t require a player to have unlimited bankroll. Unfortunately, it does and so players need to be aware of their budgetary limitations before playing with this system. Players should also keep in mind that this betting system is unlikely to increase a player’s chances of winning.  This betting system is also used by some when playing games such as blackjack and craps.

The idea behind the Martingale System is that a player would double a bet if the player lost on a previous round and decrease the bet to the initial bet if the player won on the previous round. The logic behind this is that the player will be able to get back any money lost. It also relies on mathematical probability and the idea that when a player hits a losing streak they are likely to start winning after a while which is why a player increases the bet after a loss.

Conversely, the logic for decreasing the bet after a win is that the player may have hit a winning streak and so is likely to lose in the following round. Thus after a win, the player should decrease the bet to the same amount initially bet when the player started playing. This is done in an attempt to minimize loss.

This betting system isn’t suitable for all bets. It works best for even money bets where the player has about a 50% chance of winning. These bets include red-black bets, odd-even bets and 1-18 of 19-36 bets.

Here’s an example of how this betting system would work. Say a player’s initial bet was 1 unit and the player lost, according to the rules of the Martingale System the player would double the bet. The player would then bet 2 units. If the player lost, the player would then bet 4. The player would continue doubling the bet until the player wins. After a win, the player would once again bet the initial amount of 1 unit in this case.

The biggest flaw with this betting system is that a player would need both infinite time and an unlimited bankroll to breakeven and recover any loses. Players also need to keep in mind that all betting systems are weakened by the fact that the house always has a slight advantage over the player. For example, most casinos will place limits on bets which means that a player may not be able to recover losses.  Often this system will be most effective for players who are in control of their bankroll and have enough self-discipline to know when to stop. Emotional and impulsive players have the most to lose.

There are of course things a player can do to improve the efficacy of this system. Firstly, the betting limits casinos place on tables mean that players cannot place infinite bets. It also means that when using this betting system a player is unlikely to recover loses. It’s therefore advisable that a player stick to roulette tables with high betting limits.

Players should avoid American roulette wheels and stick to European tables. With European tables, the house edge is slightly lower than with an American wheel due to the presence of only one 0 slot. Players who wish to maximize their chances of winning on even money bets should therefore pay attention to the type of roulette table and aim to play at only European tables.

This betting system is not for new comers or those who have a limited bankroll. One of the best tips for players who are looking for a betting system is to assess their bankroll and see how much they can afford to lose.

As an alternative to the Martingale System, a system known as the Anti-Martingale System was developed. As the name suggests, is betting system is the opposite of the Martingale System. This means that with this system a player would increase the bet after a win and decrease the bet being made after a loss. This relies on the idea of hot streaks and cold streaks. In other words, according to this system if a player has won they could have hit a hot or winning streak and should therefore take advantage of it.

Conversely with a loss, a player could have hit a cold or losing streak and should therefore not risk losing more money. This is flawed thinking as with games where the outcome is unpredictable, such as roulette, there is really no such thing as a hot streak or a cold streak. It’s a came of luck and chance more than one of strategy.

There are many different betting systems out there. It can be useful for a player to have an understanding of how these systems work but it’s important that players always keep in mind just how risky these systems can be. It’s important that a player thoroughly considers all the pros and cons of the different systems before deciding on one.

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