Understanding the Fibonacci System

Understanding the Fibonacci SystemWhile there is some debate about the efficacy of roulette betting systems, gamblers will continue to look for systems that will increase their chances of winning. One of the more common systems is known as the Fibonacci System.

Unlike other common betting systems such as the Martingale System this system is less risky and doesn’t require a player to have unlimited bankroll. However, players should keep in mind that no betting system is full proof. The Fibonacci system has its pros and cons and it’s important that a player have a good understanding of these before deciding to use this betting system.

The Fibonacci System gets its name from a similarly named number sequenced named after the mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci who developed the number sequenced in the 13th century. The Fibonacci sequence is not only used in roulette but in everything from architecture and sculpting to music. Even Leonardo DaVinci used the sequence for calculating the proportions in his famous The Vitruvian Man. Fibonacci originally devised the sequence as a way to describe rabbit mating habits. It was used to calculate how many rabbits there would be in a warren of rabbits at any time.

The logic behind the Fibonacci sequence is that any number in the sequence is equal to the sum of the two previous numbers. For example, the sequence goes like this: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233 etc. The idea is that if we take any random number say 2 it should be equal to the sum of the two previous numbers (1+1=2).  Another unique feature of the sequence is that the ratio between two consecutive numbers should equal what is known as the Golden Ratio. This is a ratio that is found in nature in for example the patterns of a leaf.

While this betting system may seem grounded in complex mathematical theory, it’s really simple to apply to roulette. A player would use the sequence to determine how much to bet on an even money bet. This system is known as a negative progression system. This means that a player would increase the bet when the player loses.  Players follow the sequence starting at 1 and continue increasing their bet following the sequence until they win. When the player wins, they would decrease the bet to the two previous numbers in the sequence.

The idea behind this system is to get back any money a player may have lost. Because of how the sequence is structured, in theory a player would only have to win half as many times as one loses in order to make a profit. While this may sound easy this betting system comes with its risks and it’s not guaranteed that a person will walk away with a profit. Unlike betting systems like the Martingale which require a player to increase their bets very quickly this system requires a gradual and more manageable increase. Players need to pay attention and exercise self-discipline to ensure they don’t lose control of their bankroll.

The Fibonacci sequence, when it comes down to it, is just a random sequence of numbers. A player could just as easily make up their own sequence. There is no reason why following such a sequence should increase a player’s chances of winning. Players need to keep in mind that the house always has an edge over the player and following this sequence isn’t lowering that edge in any way.

New comers to roulette and those who have never used a betting system need to pay careful attention should they choose the Fibonacci System. Players will need a good memory to be able to track the sequence as well as an understanding of how the sequence works. Players also need a fairly big bankroll and those who are playing on a very limited bankroll would be wise to avoid this betting system.

There is an alternative to this betting system known as Reverse Fibonacci. This is a system which relies on positive progression. In other words, unlike with the Fibonacci System, a player would increase bets when the player wins and decrease bets when a player loses. The theory behind this system is that the player may have hit a winning streak and would therefore be wise to take advantage of it. Conversely, if the player has just lost the player may have hit a losing streak and would therefore be wise not to risk losing more money.

To use this system a player would increase their bet by the next number in the sequence if the player wins. If the player loses, the player would go back two numbers in the sequence. There are those who say that this system can earn a player more than the Fibonacci System. The disadvantage of this system is that more wins are required to recover from a loss. This is something players need to keep in mind when choosing a betting system.

The Fibonacci System can be fun to follow but player need to keep in mind that it does not guarantee anything. A player’s chances of winning are not necessarily higher when following this sequence. This can be a great system for responsible gamblers who are looking for some fun. It’s not recommended for those who are relying on a system to win big. Remember all betting systems come with risks and this system is certainly no exception.

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