Roulette betting systems

Roulette betting systemsRoulette is a game of chance and luck. An experienced player is likely to have spent an inordinate amount of timing learning roulette terminology and different roulette betting strategies. And that’s about as good as it can get since there really is no betting system that can help increase a player’s odds of winning.

That certainly hasn’t stopped hopeful roulette players who are constantly looking for a quick fix solution. Roulette betting systems are common but often not very effective. The random nature of the game and the very unpredictble outcome of a wheel spin makes it hard to look for patterns or effectively implement a betting system.

The odds of winning in a game of roulette are very low. It’s often irrelevant where a player decides to place a bet as the house always has a slight advantage. This is laregley due to the presence of the 0 and the 00, in Amercian roulette. These slots lower a player’s chances of hitting a red or black by about 50%. Unlike a strategy game like blackjack, one’s chances of winning are fixed in roulette. In roulette it’s of no consequence how one chooses to bet. A player should, therefore, always remain in control and aware of his/ her bankroll as it’s very easy to lose more than initally planned in such a game.

There are two instances in which a betting system may come in handy. Firstly, if the dealer starts releasing the ball in the exact same way each time.  A player may then be able to notice patterns and perhaps even predict when the ball will fall. For this to happen, however, the dealer would have to release the ball with the same speed and at the same angle each time. The chances of this happening are slim to none and so players would be wise to avoid such a betting system.

The other instance in which a betting system may prove to be useful is if the roulette wheel has a flaw due to becoming warn for example. In such a case it may be possible to notice patterns emerging but for this to happen a player would have to track many thousands of wheel spins. It’s also very unlikely as most casinos perform regular maintenance checks on their wheels.

Some players will adopt a quasi luck-based betting system where they rely on the last few winning numbers to look for patterns. These players will then bet on numbers which have come up in the last few rounds. There are also players who will copy the bets of players who have been winning as this player may have discovered a wheel bias. None of these strategies prove to be very effective however.  But again, that hasn’t stopped players. Over and above these betting strategies, there are other betting systems which are very commony used. The main betting systems include The Martingale System; The Finonacci System and The d’Alembert System.

The idea behind the Martingale System is to double one’s bet after every loss. This is done in attempt to strike it lucky and make up for the loses. Aftera win, a player will then lower the betting amount to the original amount and in this way make up for any money lost. One of the huge flaws with this system is that a player can go broke very quickly.

This system doesn’t take into account the limitations of a player’s bankroll and could get an emotional player into very hot water very quickly. If players are looking to have some fun and are in control of their bankroll, this can be a great betting system. If, however, a player is looking to strike it lucky this is not the system for them. This system is not only used when playing roulette. Some gamblers apply the same logic to game such as blackjack, craps and even slots.

The Fibonacci System is less risky than the Martingale System. However with this system it will take a player longer to get back any money lost. The Fibonacci System, relies on a mathematical system which was orignally created to calcuate the breeding rate of rabbits. The Fibonacci sequence of numbers is used as a guidline to help a player decide how much to bet on an even money bet. A player continues following the sequence until the player wins at which point the player starts the seqeunce from scratch.

The sequence looks like this: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89 etc. The idea is that if a player loses after the first bet of 1 unit, the player will then bet 1 unit again. If the player loses that bet, the player will then bet 2 and then bet 3 if the player lost the bet of 2 units. The player will continue following the system until the player wins.

The Fibonacci System can be very fun to follow. It does not, however, increase a player’s chances of winning in any way. There is no reason why betting 3 units and then 5 units will be advantageous to the player. A player could just as easily make up their own random sequence and follow that. Players who decide on such a system should keep in mind that it’s more for fun than anything else. This system is a lot less riskier than the Martingale System and so if you’re a beginner player looking for a betting system it’s could be a good place to start.

The d’Alembert System is similar to the Martingale System in some ways. With this system a player would vary the size of the bets made according to whether the player won or lost in the previous round. A win would see the player decrease the next bet while a loss would see a player increase the next bet. The idea behind this system is that a win is likely to be followed by a loss and so to avoid losing money a player would lower next bet. The same applies to a loss.

The logic is that if a player has lost they are more likely to win in the next round and so should take advantage of that. This is terribly risky and flawed. Roulette is random and every spin is independent. New players should not be fooled by this system which is more grounded in superstition than in logic and mathematical probability.

The Martingale System, The Fibonacci System and The d’Alembert System are the main betting systems used by roulette players. Of course they aren’t the only ones. Other betting systems includeThe Anti-Martingale System, The Grand Martingale and The Cuban Betting System. However, just like the three main systems outlined above these do not increase a player’s odds of winning and in some cases could end up costing a player more.

It can be useful for a roulette player to have an understansing of the different betting systems. However it’s not recommended to rely soley on these systems especially with games that are as unpredictable as roulette.

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