Roulette trivia every player should know

Roulette trivia every player should knowIf you call yourself a roulette player there are facts you should know about the game. Roulette trivia isn’t going to help win. They won’t make you any richer. But that’s no reason to stop reading.  What roulette trivia will give you is insight into the game that you’ll never get from merely understanding how roulette works.

We’re not in any way suggesting you shouldn’t spend time brushing up on roulette terminology and learning how to place inside and outside bets. Those are crucial to the game and a player’s ability to master it. But take a break and indulge yourself in some roulette trivia. You might be impressed with what you learn. And at the very least, you’ll learn to truly appreciate the game.

  1. The only games in a casino more popular than roulette are slots and craps. Roulette has a wide appeal and is known to keep players engrossed for hours. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll soon see why.
  2. If one had to add up all the numbers on a roulette wheel the total would be 666. This is why the game is often called the devil’s game.
  3. The name of the game in English is derived from the game’s name in French which translates as small wheel.
  4. Similar to slot machines, roulette is a game with random unpredictable outcomes. There are no systems one can use to improve one’s chances of winning. You just need to hope that lady luck is on your side.
  5. Ashley Revel, a gambler from London, placed a bet with his entire life’s savings. This was an impressive bet of $135,300. Revel won and walked away with $270,600.
  6. It is believed that the roulette wheel was invented by accident by Blaise Pascal when he tried to create a device that would remain in perpetual motion.
  7. It is generally frowned upon to eat or drink at a roulette table.
  8. Players are expected to leave the croupiers a tip unlike with other casino games where a tip is more of a token of appreciation.
  9. As a rule of thumb, players should not place bets on the fifth row. It is believed that one has less of a chance of winning with bets placed there.
  10. Roulette is one of the casino games which have become part of pop culture acquiring a name as a sophisticated and very elegant game reserved for the upper echelons of society. The game has appeared in movies such as Diamonds are forever and Casablanca.
  11. In 2000 at Caesars Palace the number 7 won six times in a row. This is practically unheard of and the odds of this happening are about three billion to one.
  12. The ball on a roulette wheel is spun clockwise.

Roulette certainly is an interesting game with an even more interesting beginning. It’s a game with an unusual and mysterious history. But more than that, it’s a game which has fascinated people for centuries and will most likely continue to do so. You’ll soon discover that the more you learn about roulette the more there is to learn.  And at the end of it you’ll not only be wiser but will have a greater appreciation for roulette than you ever imagined.

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