Blackjack table etiquette

Blackjack table etiquetteSo you’ve mastered the basics of blackjack and have a good understanding of black jack strategy. You’ve debunked all the blackjack myths out there which could throw you off your game. You’ve even done your homework and know when to hit and when to stand. Perhaps you’ve spent time learning about hard hands and soft hands. If you think that’s enough, you’re greatly mistaken.

When it comes to mastering the ins and outs of blackjack there’s always something more to learn. Table etiquette isn’t something new players tend to spend too much time on. But do yourself a favor. Spend some time learning about what’s acceptable blackjack table behavior. What many don’t realize is that it’s the small things like etiquette that separate the experts from the novices.

  • You can touch your chips as much as you like until you’ve placed your bet. It’s important that you then keep your hands far away from the chips. The dealer may think you’re trying to cheap and you could be suspended for tampering with your initial bet.
  • When adding to an initial bet because of doubling down, for example, players need to pay careful attention to how the chips are placed. The additional bet should be placed in a neat pile next to the initial bet. This is to ensure the dealer can clearly see what was initially bet and how much was added to avoid any confusion.
  • There are many different types of blackjack and each have their own rules. When playing London Deal blackjack players need to make sure you don’t touch the cards. In this blackjack games the cards are dealt face up and so there is no real need to touch the cards. Casinos do this to try and prevent players marking cards.
  • In another type of blackjack known as Nevada Deal, there are all sorts of intricate rules. Players should be careful to touch cards with one hand only. Cards shouldn’t be handled more than is necessary. It’s also an unwritten rule that cards are to be kept above the table where the dealer can see them.
  • Real world casinos are noisy places bustling with all sorts of activity. It’s easy for a dealer to become distracted and to miss something. The onus is therefore on the player to make sure the dealer is aware when the player wants to hit, stand or perhaps surrender. These are often used in conjunction with saying the action for example “Hit”. Learning the various hand signals is the best way to ensure the dealer is aware of your needs.
  • Keep your eyes on the table and don’t allow yourself to be distracted even for a second. The slightest loss of focus can cost a player the game.
  • While it is not mandatory, many regular players will tip the dealer. This is known as toking. To give a dealer a tip, a player will place the tips on the outer edge of the betting area. The interesting thing about toking is that the tip isn’t paid directly to the dealer. By toking one is actually placing a bet on behalf of the dealer. If the bet wins the dealer collects the proceeds. If, however, the best loses the dealer forfeits the tip.
  • It’s generally considered good practice to change money into chips before playing. Many casinos do offer the option to do it at the table. There are also some casinos which allow players to play using money. Winnings will be returned as chips, however. At the end of a game, players can then exchange chips for money.

Blackjack table etiquette is important to know and can really affect the outcome of your game. Many experienced player consider etiquette the building blocks of blackjack and something which a player should master before moving onto strategy. Of course, this only applies to real world casinos. But players who prefer online casinos shouldn’t gloss over etiquette. These are the little niceties that make the game what it is and a player who really wants to understand the game won’t neglect them.

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