Choosing slots which are right for you

Choosing slots which are right for youIn both online and real casinos there are many different types of slots to choose from. With many things to consider and so many varieties deciding on slots which are right for you can become quite a daunting task.

A player first needs a good understanding of how slots work before playing. Once one has a good basis and understanding of the game it’s time to decide on either a classic slot, video slot or progressive slot.

Classic slot machines are the derived from the original slot machines dating back to the late 19th century. There is nothing fancy about a classic slot machine. They still have 3-reel slots and the symbols we’ve come to expect from the original slots such as bars, cherries, sevens and liberty bells. They generally only have one payline but there are classic slots with up to five paylines. To add to the authenticity of the playing experiences, players can expect to find machines with real spinning reels and are often required to pull a mechanical lever to start the game.

Video slots are what a player can expect to find most commonly in an online casino. These don’t need to be manually operated as they are electronic and are powered by sophisticated gaming software. The randomness of these machines as well as the spinning of the reels is determined by random number generators. These make it almost impossible to tamper with the machines and for the player to spot patterns. Unlike their more basic predecessor, video slots can have up to seven reels and as many as 20 paylines, sometimes more.

In some senses video slots offer a player a far superior gambling experience. Since they are displayed on video screens, these slots come with incredible graphics, animations as well as audio visual effects. This adds something to slots that a player will never get when playing classic slots.  Video slots often also offer impressive bonuses, either in the form of bonus games or bonus rounds.

Players may notice that some online casinos offer what are called classic slots. These are essentially video slots which are designed to look like a classic slot machine. Also, these slots will usually only come with 3-reels as can be found in classic slot machines. These slots won’t come with any of the impressive graphics, animations or sound that is usually part of a video slot machine.

Progressive slot machines give players the chance to play for a massive jackpot. These jackpots are bigger than anything a player could ever hope to win from playing a classic slot machine or video slot machine. The jackpot is created from the bets placed at several slots which for the purposes of the progressive slot are linked. As a result, the jackpot can easily become millions.

To stand a chance of winning a progressive jackpot a player generally needs to place the maximum bet for each spin. While progressive slots can be very rewarding if one strikes it lucky they can also involve greater risk than is involved when playing other types of slots.

When it comes to choosing your slot machine there are a number of factors to consider. Firstly if you’re a new player with a limited budget you would be wise to avoid progressive slots until you’re more experienced. Video slots are probably the best place to start. They often accept lower denomination coins meaning that a player doesn’t have to risk too much to play. They also generally have a higher hit rate because there are more paylines and there are consequently more winning combinations.

Video slots are a wise choice for those looking to manage their bankroll effectively as they have a higher hit rate. This means that player will have the chance to play for longer with less money than they would need if playing classic machines.

All slot machines, regardless of the type, are random and unpredictable. There is no real strategy for playing slots. At best all you can do is make sure you understand the pros and cons of different machines and choose something that you think you’ll enjoy. At the end of the day, it’s a personal choice and one you shouldn’t take too seriously. Remember, the very nature of slots is fun and risk.

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