Understanding Slot machine Skill stops

Understanding Slot machine Skill stopsFor those who are always looking for tips for playing slot machines or who spend hours searching for a good slot strategy, slot machine Skill stops might be for you. This is a feature which was designed to take away the randomness of a slot machine and give the player more control. These features are controversial as many claim they have no effect on the outcome of the game. The idea behind them is that by pushing a button the player will be able to influence the game and thus bring a host of skills to the game.

The first slot machines to feature Skill stops were produced by the slot producing company, Mills Novelty Company, in New Jersey. Then in the 70s, gambling laws in New Jersey changed and stipulated that for gambling to be legal it needed to give the player some control in the outcome of the game.

It is for this reason that 50 models of the Bally slot machines were modified to feature the Skill stop button. These buttons enabled a player to determine when each reel of the slot machine would stop in that way giving the player the sense that they had control over the game’s outcome. As the popularity of these buttons grew so it become commonplace for slot machines to come with a built in Skill stop button.

In modern slot machines the Skill stop button is not as commonly found as when the button was at its peak during the 70s. This is partly because slot machines are where the casinos make the most money and where the house has an advantage. While the efficacy of these buttons is doubted, casinos don’t want to give players upper hand even if it’s just an illusion.

All the Real Time Gaming slots as well as Net Entertainment slots include these buttons. Modern slots which include the Skill stop button include Under the Sea, Jack and the Beanstalk, Robin Hood and Scarface to mention a few.

Slot machines with these buttons are still common in Japan where they are referred to as “Pachislo” slot machines.  These slots offer an interesting new take on the typical slot as in Japanese version of slot machines; metal balls are included in the slots. In a game of Pachislo, a player needs to adjust the plunger that launches the ball. This will affect where the ball lands. If it lands in one of the slots, the player wins. The chances of this happening are even less than in a typical slot machine game.

Unlike older machines, modern slot machines with this feature generally don’t come with an extra button. During the spin, the Spin button will become the Skill stop button giving the player the option to stop the reels at any point. Players who are interested in adding some skill to their game, need to understand that because modern slot machines are programmed for randomness it’s impossible to look for patterns which may help one decide when to hit the Skill stop button.

As a result, even if a player uses the Skill stop button the chances of winning are not higher than if the player had played without it. Modern slot machines are programmed in such a way that the outcome is determined the moment the player hits the spin button.

The addition of Skill stop buttons to slot machines while novel really has little effect on the game. It is nearly impossible for a player to accurately predict when to stop the reels. At best all a player can hope for is that luck is on his/her side. The control that the Skill stop button gives a player is purely illusionary. If you’re still not convinced about the random, pre-programmed nature of a slot machine perhaps you need a better understanding of just how slot machines work. Once you do you’ll see that Skill stops are nothing more than a fun addition to an unpredictable game.

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