Disputing the fairness of online bonuses

Online bonus disputesAt first sight, the bonuses online casinos offer seem too good to be true. Many new players fall into the trap of not paying enough attention to the terms and conditions and lose out when it comes to claiming bonuses.

If you’re serious about making some money at an online casino, it’s best you do your homework beforehand. And when it comes to the fairness of online bonuses there are tons to know. From the difference between sticky and non-sticky bonuses to how wagering requirements can affect your winnings, you need to do your homework.

In many cases when disputes about bonuses arise it’s because players have misunderstood some condition which needs to be met before the bonus can be claimed. There, are however, cases in which casinos are to blame. Players need to know which procedures to follow should this occur.

Oftentimes the cause of a bonus-related dispute is due to tricky wagering requirements. These can be quite complicated so a player needs to make sure they are clear before playing. A casino can claim that the player has failed to meet the wagering requirements and therefore refuse to pay out or pay out less than the players feels entitled to. Players should be aware that bonuses and wagering requirements differ from casino to casino and from country to country.

There are also a host of different bonuses and a player who doesn’t wish to get caught out needs to make sure the differences are clear. With some bonuses, the winnings can be redeemed by the player. These are known as non-sticky bonuses. Other types of bonuses, however, are a credit bonus only and therefore only give the player credit with which to play. These bonuses, known as sticky bonuses, cannot be withdrawn. Players should also make sure they know the difference between deposit and no deposit bonuses. As the name suggests, deposit bonuses require a player to make a minimum deposit before being awarded the bonus while no deposit bonuses give a player the chance to enjoy bonuses without needing to risk anything.

There is a lot to be said about being as informed as possible about bonuses and how they work before playing. However, online casinos also have a responsibility to make sure terms and conditions and any wagering requirements which may apply to the bonus are clearly explained. Players have every right to complain about bonuses if they are not clearly explained on the online casino’s site.

If players have complaints or would clarification about a casino’s bonuses, they should contact the online casino’s customer support. Most online casinos offer very professional and efficient customer support which is available in multiple languages 24 hours a day. Players need to make sure they are satisfied and understand all the bonus conditions before playing. Once a player starts playing, s/he is agreeing to the online casino’s terms and conditions and therefore cannot dispute their legality or fairness.

Customer support isn’t always the most helpful option and a player may find that the dispute hasn’t really been resolved. As a last resort, a player can contact eCOGRA. This is an international organization that aims to regulate and resolve disputes that may arise in online casinos.  An eCOGRA report from 2009 indicates that most of the disputes clients referred to the organization were resolved in favor of the casino.

This is worrying and suggests that in most cases players simply don’t take the trouble to fully understand what they are getting into. Players whose complaint deals with the fairness of a bonus condition will, in all likelihood, leave the eCOGRA empty handed. Players need to understand that this organization is not there to debate the fairness of terms and conditions or wagering requirements. The eCOGRA will accept all conditions as a standing agreement between the online casino and player and will only look for foul play on the part of the online casino.

Online casinos are not blameless, or course and there are cases in which they do try and do players out of their hard earned bonuses. If player suspects this is the case, the player needs to follow the casino’s dispute resolution procedure. With some casinos, this involves contacting the online casino’s licensor. Online casinos which are eCOGRA approved are easier to deal with as the organization will handle and attempt to resolve all disputes. In the case of a casino which lacks a clear dispute resolution procedure, players can contact online casino regulators such as Casinomeister.

When it comes to online bonuses players need to understand what they are getting into. While these bonuses may seem tempting players need to understand that all bonuses come with wagering requirements. The good thing about online gambling is that there are regulatory bodies players can contact should they feel the casino is trying to do them out of money. But again, before approaching any external regulatory organization players should make sure they know their facts and that the blame does lie with the casino.

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