Tips for playing Keno

Keno tipsTo many the idea of having tips for a game like Keno, where so much depends on luck, may seem ridiculous. Keno may not be like blackjack where the outcome of the game is largely dependent on a player’s strategy but there are always things a player can learn to improve their game. Even for games which are so unpredictable like slots, players would be wise to consult guidelines, such as our comprehensive tips for playing slot machines, before playing.

The more a player knows about everything from bonuses to different game strategies, the better the player’s online casino experience will be.  Don’t get caught out. If you decide to play Keno, make sure you have the tools to deal with the random nature of this game.

Keno is very similar to a lottery where a player selects numbers on a playing card after which the winning Keno numbers are chosen. Generally, players have the option to bet any anywhere from 1 to 10 numbers. The numbers on a Keno card are from 1 to 80 and players have the option to select maximum 10. Players should note that each number can only be selected once. When you consider that in Keno the only thing a player has control over are the numbers selected, one may begin to wonder how a list of tips could make a difference to the outcome of the game.

Just like online slots, there are myths and misconceptions when it comes to winning at Keno. There are those who recommend looking for patterns. This may turn out to be more like looking for a needle in a haystack as often there aren’t patterns to be spotted. The numbers selected are random.

There is no pattern or logic behind which numbers do or don’t get selected and unlike card counting, there is no way to determine what numbers will be selected next.  Each of the 80 Keno numbers has the exact same chance of being selected. Once a player accepts this idea it becomes easier to choose an approach which focuses on aspects of the game that are within a player’s control and to leave the rest up to lady luck.

The only element of a Keno game that players are responsible for is selecting which Keno numbers to bet on. So it’s best that a Keno player gives this enough thought. The big question, however, is what are the deciding factors a player should consider when choosing Keno numbers? Some players pick a random selection of numbers which ‘feel’ right others choose those numbers with sentimental association such as birthday’s of loved ones. Either approach is fine.

The only real strategy one should adopt is betting on as many numbers as one is allowed to per Keno card. That will increase one’s chances of winning. In that sense Keno is similar to Roulette, where the more numbers a player bets on the lower the house’s chances of winning are.

One of the great things about Keno is that a player doesn’t need to stand by the Keno booth to be eligible to play or win. After a player’s bet has been placed they are free to roam anywhere they wish. Some casinos even allow players to get the results of a Keno draw in casino hotel rooms. This is something players should take advantage of. Players can use it as a time to clear their heads and reduce stress.

It’s always best to place bets when calm and collected. While this won’t guarantee a player the winning numbers, it will give the player a new approach to the game. It will also cut down on emotional playing by giving players the chance to place bets when in the right state of mind. This is something that could save a player’s game and pocket and should not be dismissed as an approach to the game.

Lastly, with Keno players decide how much they want to bet on each ticket. There are some casinos which give players to option to bet as little as a dollar. This is something a player can control and should give careful thought to.  Players would be wise to keep in mind that the risks are high as the only things a player can control are the number selected and amount bet. Perhaps adopting a level-headed and responsible approach to the game is the best strategy when it comes to Keno.

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