Understanding Progressive Slot Machines

Progressive slot machinesIf you’re into slot machines, you should definitely give progressive slots a try. Unlike a normal slot machine, these offer life changing payouts as the jackpot continues to grow as more people deposit. Progressive slot machines generally work by allowing multiple players to contribute simultaneously to one jackpot. If you’re serious about striking it lucky, progressive jackpots are the place to start.

Players should note however that the risks are often higher than with normal slot machines and the chances of hitting the jackpot even lower. But for some players the mere thought of winning a progressive slot makes it all worthwhile.

Each deposit made into a progressive slot machine causes the total jackpot to grow. Only a small percentage of each player’s deposit goes towards to progressive jackpot. However, when you consider that thousands of people are competing, you’ll understand that the progressive jackpot can grow exponentially very quickly. The jackpot will continue to grow until some lucky player wins the total jackpot.

Players should note that often in order to claim the jackpot in the case of progressive slot machines, one needs to Bet Max. In other words one needs to have deposited the maximum number of coins stipulated by the machine. So don’t get caught out. Before playing you need to have a good understanding of the machine you’re playing at.

A progressive jackpot meter is used to track the growing jackpot. This can often be tracked both online and in the casino. The meter tracks the jackpot as money and not a cash bonus or credits as other casino games might be tracked. The ever increasing jackpot figure is generally displayed on a hard to miss LCD screen. This is very clever on the part of the casino as it serves as an incentive to potential players encouraging them to play for their piece of the very lucrative jackpot.

There are many different types of progressive jackpots on offer. For example, there are linked progressives. These are interesting as they are not necessarily confined to only one casino. Typical linked progressives involve multiple slot machines which are electronically linked causing each player’s deposit to contribute to the final jackpot.

In the case of multi-location progressives, multiple slot machines from different casinos are linked. These can be very exciting and cause multimillion dollar jackpots to collect in no time.  With multi-location progressives, a player’s potential winnings are limitless. For many, this is a large part of the appeal of these games as well as the risk involved in playing them.

There are also individual progressives. The jackpots at these slot machines are from one machine only. Unlike the linked progressives, the jackpots at these machines often aren’t very big. There is also often less of a buzz around individual progressives as you aren’t playing for a huge sum.

Before deciding to play progressive slot machines it’s important to brush up on your slot machine strategies. We also recommend reviewing our slot machine tips. These are general guidelines all players should keep in mind before playing any type of slot machine. They could prevent you from losing bit time and may help you see slot machines in a new way.

With progressive slot machines it’s important to decide on how much you can afford to lose before you start playing. The very tempting bonuses can cause a player to risk it all and then be forced to suffer severe consequences. Do your best to remain level headed and where possible avoid emotional playing.

While progressive slot machines are more about luck and less about skill or technique, they do offer players the chance to experience an exhilarating rush few other online casino games offer.

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