Slot machine strategies

Slot machinesWhen it comes to playing slot machines, the one thing you need to guard against is the many slot machine myths which promise a quick fix and an easy win.

The randomness of slots ensures that there’s no such thing. So instead of looking for a way to outsmart preprogrammed machines, accept that besides a dose of luck all that may help you are some handy slot machine tips. Also, an understanding of how slot machines work could hold you in good stead.  Players should also keep in mind that unlike with games such as Roulette or Blackjack, with slot machines there isn’t really a strategy. Your only strategy can be how to increase winnings and decreases losses.

Some may think it’s laughable to talk about strategies for slot machines. The random and very unpredictable nature of a slot machine means the only thing you can hope to strategize is how much money you bet. In other words, the only effective slot machine strategy is one which focuses primarily on betting.  This strategy can be broken down into bankroll management, slots payback percentage and slot machine locations.  A solid understanding of these three approaches will better prepare a player for betting on slot machines and hopefully avoid devastating loses.

The Bankroll refers to the amount of money a player can afford to lose.  Think of it like a budget which a player has set aside. The important think about betting at online casinos isn’t always winning. It’s playing with money you can afford or have set aside to lose. You should be willing to lose that money.  Due to the nature of casinos, where the house always has a slight edge over players, a player should be prepared to lose. That’s why it’s so important to go into any game with an understanding of your Bankroll. Being able to manage Bankroll means setting limits and knowing how to stick to them.

When it comes to managing Bankroll, it’s important to decide how many games you wish to play and to divide what you can afford to bet accordingly. This is known as stretching and can help prevent impulsive and emotional gambling. Players should also factor frequency into their Bankroll calculations. For example, the maximum amount a player can bet should be calculated according to how often the player gambles.  This is an effective way to help a player manage money and budget. If you need help with these, there is a selection of useful Bankroll calculators online which will help you determine your Bankroll.

Another very useful approach to slot machines is paying attention to slots paybacks. This refers to the percentage that a slot machine pays out in relation to the number of credits a player bets. While most slot machines payout anywhere between 82 and 98% of the money a player bets, these paybacks vary from machine to machine.  It’s advisable for players to check what a slot machine’s payback percentage is before playing. This will help a player choose only machines that payout well, known as loose slots.  As a general rule of thumb, the more a player has to deposit to play the more the machine will payout.  However this isn’t always the case and it’s up the player to play attention to a specific machine’s payout percentage.  This will help players find loose machines and avoid tight machines (machines which can pay out as little as 50% of what the player bet).

Casinos often put a lot of strategy into how slot machines are arranged. The idea is to mix high-paying and low-paying machines. More than that, they generally strategically place high-playing machines in positions that are visible to as many players as possible. This makes players feel hopeful and keeps them playing. The same can be said of machines like progressive slot machines. You should, therefore, be very strategic about how you choose your slot machine. It’s advisable, though not a golden rule, to avoid slots that are in deserted areas such as slots near doorways or elevators. You want to find those machines that are in the thick of all the action. Of course this isn’t an exact science but it helps to keep this in mind when playing slot machines. A lot has been written about the placement of slot machines so it might be worth your while to do some thorough research before hitting the machines.

There are plenty of other slot machine strategies all of which deal with managing the Bankroll effectively. Some of these strategies include the umbrella strategy, play and run slots strategy as well as the chicken strategy. Knowing more about these organized approaches to slot machines can greatly improve your grasp of slot machines. And for players who are looking for relatively risk free ways to brush up on their slot machine strategies they can consider slot machine clubs. Here players will get the support of other players as well as the chance to compete in tournaments.

Slot machines need to be approached with an understanding that they are random and cannot be tricked. There is no magical strategy one can use to improve the odds of winning. What one can do, however, is implement a strategy which will minimize risk and control how much money is bet.

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