Understanding Keno

KenoIf you like to play the lottery, then Keno might just be the game for you. Keno is an ancient game which is believed to have originated in China.

It’s a lottery style game which can be found everywhere from real world casinos to online casinos. Since it has similarities to lotto, some lotteries include Keno as one of the games they offer.

In a typical game of Keno a player can expect to find 80 balls from 1 to 80. These can be found in what is referred to as a bubble. Just like when playing the lottery, a player chooses the numbers they are betting on by marking a special Keno ticket with an S.

Once all the bets have been placed the bubble which houses the Keno balls is set in motion causing the balls to move around within the bubble. A button is then pressed which causes 20 different Keno balls to be lifted into what is know as rabbit ears. These are the tubes in which the winning numbers are displayed. The winning balls are noted and the winners are calculated electronically.

Players should note that Keno tables and how much they payout will vary from casino to casino. It’s the responsibility of the player to look into this before playing. Players will also find different specialty bets on offer at different online casinos. Regardless of how much individual casinos pay out, all casinos calculate winnings in the same way. Winnings are determined by the number of drawn Keno numbers which match the numbers selected on the Keno ticket.

Before embarking on any game, it’s always helpful for a player to have a historical understanding of the game. While this won’t help a player win, it will put the game in a historical context and may help a player understand the inner workings of the game far better. As mentioned, the game is believed to have created in China. Some say that the proceeds of the game were used in funding the building of the Great Wall of China. The proceeds are also believed to have been used to fortify ancient Chinese cities in times of war.

In Chinese Keno is known as “Baige Piao”. This tells one a lot about how the ancient game of Keno was played as in English “Baige Piao” means “white pigeon tickets”.  You’re probably wondering what pigeons have to do with the game of Keno. Well, when the game was first created pigeons were used to carry the results to nearby villages.

Initially, Keno tickets were written in Chinese characters. However this is no longer the case in the modern version of the game.  It is likely the use of Chinese characters stopped in the 1800s when the game was brought to the US by Chinese immigrants. Since then the game has undergone various modifications to become the version we know today as Keno.

The lucky winning Keno balls are drawn in what is referred to as a Keno booth. The balls are drawn using a Rabbit Ear blower, Automated Keno Blower, Random Number Generator or what is known as the Hand Cage.

The interesting thing about Keno is that unlike many other casino games players do not need to be within close proximity of the Keno booth or even actively participate. Before a Keno draw, players from anywhere on the casino floor are given the chance to place a bet. These bets are known as inside tickets. In return, the players will receive a receipt with their chosen numbers. These receipts are known as outside tickets.

Once again, when it comes to the Keno draw players do not need to be near the Keno booth. Players can watch the draw live on an electric Keno board, video monitor or other means made available by the casino. Generally, the draw can be viewed live from anywhere in the casino including casino hotel rooms in the case of a real world casino.

In the past, players with winning tickets had a limited window within which to collect their winnings. If they weren’t redeemed before the next Keno draw, the winning Keno ticket would expire. This has since changed and with the introduction of late pay rules, players now have more time to collect winnings.

There are many variations of Keno on offer at different casinos. For example, at some casinos players can bet on whether the ball will fall among the top or bottom 40 numbers. This is known as the Top/Bottom paytable. Other Keno variations include Even Only, Parlay, Edge, Top Only Bottom only and others.

No two casinos will have the same payouts for Keno. Generally speaking, however, the more numbers a player bets on that get selected in the Keno draw the greater the payout. The number of numbers a player can bet on also various at different casinos. At some casinos a player is given the option to bet on anything between 1 and 20 numbers while other casinos will limit a player’s choice to 1 – 10, 12 or even 15 numbers. The chances of a player getting all 20 numbers are very low. More than low in fact. A player has a 1 in 3.5 quadrillion chance of getting all 20 numbers.

Keno is a fun game which gives a player the chance to play without the seriousness needed in a strategy game.  Don’t forget though that this game is all about randomness and oftentimes luck.

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