Slot Machine tips

Slot Machine tipsIf you’re wondering why you never strike it lucky when you play a slot machine you’ll be pleased to know that it may have less to do with your luck and more to do with the many misconceptions surrounding the game.

These are widespread and may be what’s throwing you off your game.  If you want to start winning it’s time to get to the bottom of just what it is that makes a slot machine tick.

Tip 1

Many believe there is such a thing as the perfect slot machine. Well, you can stop looking now. No such thing exists.  Just because a machine hasn’t paid out in a while does not increase the chances of you hitting the jackpot. This also means that if a machine has just paid out you don’t need to avoid it. There is no scientific pattern for jackpot hitting. It’s random. Some may even call it luck.

Tip 2

Not even Houdini’s magic would work on a slot machine. The machines have been programmed to pay out a certain amount and no amount of magic will change that. As a player you need to accept that there is not secret technique to increasing your chances of winning.  A tip though is to keep an eye out for machines which pay out more than 90%.

Tip 3

When it comes down to it, there really is no difference between an online or offline slot machine. So you pull a lever in a real world casino and online you push a button. It makes no difference to the outcome. Both online and offline slot machines follow the same principles.

Tip 4

A slot machine is pre-programmed. You don’t need to worry about the odds of you winning changing mid-game. You also don’t need to be concerned about when you choose to play. This won’t have an effect on the game.  But if all this talk of pre-programming doesn’t put your scepticism at rest, this might. All reputable casinos regular undergo regular audits to ensure fairness and to prevent cheating.  And if you’re still not convinced there are casino regulatory bodies you can approach and they’ll look into it for you.

Tip 5

One coin is not enough to hit the jackpot. In most cases, you won’t win if you aren’t inserting the maximum number of coins required at that slot machine. It’s important to understand what kind of slot machine you are dealing with. Take a look at the rules and the requirements of that slot machine.  It’s important to remember that if you’re playing a slot machine with a progressive jackpot, you need to satisfy the bet maximum condition to be eligible for the lucrative prizes.

Tip 6

Warm or cold it doesn’t matter. You cannot influence the outcome of a slot machine game with the temperature of your coin. Again, you need to remember that these machines are programmed.

Tip 7

It’s important to stop looking for a get rich quick solution when it comes to slot machines. There isn’t one. Perhaps one of the wisest approaches to these machines is to have a good understanding your bankroll. You need to know just how much you’re willing to lose.

Tip 8

At the end of the day, this is just a game like any other you’d find at a casino. Once you accept that you’ll start to enjoy and embrace it for what it is. Once you take the focus away from winning and place more emphasis on enjoying you’ll soon see how fun playing slot machines can be.

Tip 9

Payouts matter and they vary from machine to machine. Slot machines may look identical but often aren’t. It’s your responsibility to pay careful attention to what each machine is offering.  Make sure you understand the machine before inserting a coin.

Tip 10

It’s always a good idea get a feel for a machine before you start playing. Do a few test runs to get a sense of how the machine plays. You also want to check how you play on that machine. After a few rounds you should see how whether you were able to break even and if not perhaps it’s time to move on.

There’s nothing quite like the allure of a slot machine. The lucrative prizes on offer are enough to tempt anyone.  And while it may not be possible to outsmart a slot machine, a well-informed approach will take you a long way. Good luck and happy playing.

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