Online Poker and women

Women and PokerAs the saying goes, this is a man’s world. Nowhere is that truer than in the world of gambling where often the role of women has been ignored.

For many years a woman wouldn’t be welcome at a casino let alone at a game of online Poker. But times are changing and women have the internet to thank for that. With the advent of online casinos it’s a free for all. Women are now as active and present as men.

According to recent research on the online gambling industry, women are becoming very active online gamblers. The research suggests that the number of women gamblers has grown exponentially over the last five years.  This shouldn’t surprise you. Changes in the corporate world mean more and more women are becoming top earners. Also, the anonymity and convenience offered by online casinos means that women can enter into a serious poker match and not be treated differently or disadvantaged in any way.

There also seems to be a trend of women winners. The number of females who win in online poker has increased dramatically over recent years.  This is often attributed to the nature of online gambling. The anonymous betting environment means that women don’t need to worry about intimidation. Also, research suggests that women aren’t as good bluffers as men. Their poker faces are easier it make out, it would seem. But in an online poker match, a woman doesn’t need to concern herself with that.

Online poker while not the easiest online game can be quite rewarding. Some women, particularly housewives, are turning to online poker rooms as a source of additional income. It’s convenient and can be done from the comfort of their homes.  For housewives this is particularly useful as they don’t need to spend any time away from kids. It doesn’t even require long hours to make some money.

Online poker provides female player with the option to practice and learn without the stress of a real world casino environment. Interestingly enough, a woman can take the skills she learnt in an online casino offline and use them to her advantage.  Often, when a male player is faced with a female opponent he will underestimate her ability. This is something a woman player can use. It’s also the kind of mentality that will throw a man’s game.  For a woman, online casinos are the perfect testing ground giving a woman a safe environment to hone her skills and develop a strong playing hand.

What was once a traditionally male game has become dominated by strong and highly competent female players.  A lot more still needs to be done to get female players the respect and equality they deserve. But online casinos have had a huge role to play in changing to role of women in online gambling. Without these gender neutral spaces, poker would just be another man’s only sport.  As more women only poker tournaments appear online so too will the image and role of women begin to change.


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