New law legalizes online gambling in Delaware

Online gamblingWith new legislation that was signed into law by Governor Jack Markell, Delaware has become the first US state that legalizes online gambling.

The legislation stipulated in the Delaware Gaming Competitiveness Act of 2012, became law after a vote of 14 to six.

The new law stipulates it will be legal for anyone in Delaware over the age of 21 to play slots or online roulette. These games need be regulated by the Delaware Lottery by 2013 to be eligible.

While this legislation focuses on slots and roulette, it also extends keno making it legal to be played at 100 different online casinos. This new law is a breakthrough for gamblers in the US and the online gambling industry in general.

However this isn’t the only breakthrough for the US’ online gambling industry. Last year, the US Department of Justice passed a law which made it legal for US states to offer online gambling provided that it was confined to their state. The US Department of Justice concluded that such an act would positively boost the economy and help with job creation.

As part of the new Delaware law, it will now be legal to bet on National Football League (NFL) games online on other sites besides online casinos. The law will also see online casinos getting huge tax breaks. The fees ordinarily paid for slot machines (four million dollars) will be dropped and table gambling duties will also be dramatically reduced. These reductions are on the condition that casinos invest in marketing and debt reduction.

The Delaware law will result in the establishment of a regulated and centralized gambling system. This will be operated by third part sites. The games to be offered via the already existing Delaware casinos will include Blackjack and poker. Another added benefit of this new legislation is that it will now be legal for bars and restaurants to offer games such as Keno and lottery. They will also be able to sell cards which up until that point could only be purchased in casinos.

This new legislation bodes well for not only gamblers in Delaware but for all in the US who wish to take part in the world of online gambling.

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